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Straight Talk is essential reading for IT and business professionals who need to keep abreast of the trends and issues in the IT industry. Compiled by the UK's leading analysts, this prominent industry publication contains informed discussion, robust views, and in-depth analysis on the important topics of the day, complementing Ovum's comprehensive range of products and services.

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Cloud (Straight Talk, Q2 2012) - 06 Apr 2012

Download the latest Ovum Straight Talk IT publicationThis issue of Ovum StraightTalk IT addresses the increasing impact of cloud computing on business technology. Both traditional providers and new entrants are bringing an expanding range of cloud-based infrastructure, platform and software services to market, meeting the needs of a wide range ... read more..

The Consumer IT Revolution (Straight Talk, Q4 2011) - 23 Feb 2012

Download the latest Ovum Straight Talk IT publicationIn this issue of Ovum Straight Talk IT, we focus on the consumer IT revolution. Against a backdrop of growing macroeconomic volatility, CIOs are facing a changing set of distribution channels and scale of usage for high-performance computing devices. This is a challenge. ... read more..

Data-driven insight (Straight Talk, Q2 2011) - 20 May 2011

Download the latest Ovum Straight Talk IT publication Welcome to the latest issue of Ovum Straight Talk IT, in which we showcase our ongoing collection of technology market data, and how we use it to support and guide our analysis. This issue contains 40 pages of thought-leading articles and insights ... read more..

2011 Trends to Watch (Straight Talk, Q1 2011) - 14 Feb 2011

Download the latest Ovum Straight Talk IT publication Welcome to the Q1 2011 edition of Straight Talk IT, in which we have dusted off our crystal ball to look at the technology and industry trends that we believe will impact organizations in 2011. This issue contains almost 40 pages of ... read more..

Business agility (Straight Talk, Q1 2010) - 11 Jun 2010

In this issue: BPM for the Agile organization Moving from recession to recovery with business intelligence Turning data into intelligence in the public sector Glued on security doesnt work Business agility ... read more..

Mobile Authentication (Butler Group Review, July 2009) - 21 Oct 2009

Organisations quite rightly continue to highlight security concerns as one of the top inhibitors of remote application delivery. The range of users that demand access to today's business systems and their various connection requirements cover the whole connectivity spectrum. However, a downside is the lack of effective authentication. Mobile Authentication ... read more..

Justifying Investments in SOA (Butler Group Review, July 2009) - 21 Oct 2009

Justification of SOA is made complex by the fact that it provides an architecture and infrastructure that will be used by successive projects, and where the benefits are likely to be long-term and often intangible. In order to make the business case for SOA adoption, the sponsor will need to ... read more..

Lean IT is Good for Business (Butler Group Review, July 2009) - 21 Oct 2009

The principles of lean manufacturing and related quality systems have been migrating into the areas of services and business processes for some time and it is unsurprising, given the increasing degree of process automation, that these concepts are now also being applied in the IT domain. The main notions of ... read more..

Physical to Virtual Migration (Butler Group Review, June 2009) - 21 Oct 2009

The rise of x86 virtualisation has introduced many new terms to the IT manager's lexicon, but one in particular appears to have adopted an 'it just does' understanding: that term is Physical to Virtual (P2V) migration. However, the whole process of converting a workload needs to be clearly understood as ... read more..

Managing IT Costs (Butler Group Review, June 2009) - 21 Oct 2009

When considering the opportunities for IT cost savings, it is important to appreciate that there is no 'one-size-fits-all' solution. Organisations will need to be selective and initially opt for those initiatives that will achieve the best returns in the shortest time period. Managing IT Costs ... read more..

Project Portfolio Management Best Practice (Butler Group Review, May 2009) - 21 Oct 2009

As IT functions are increasingly expected to 'deliver more with less', portfolio management tools and techniques are required to reconcile corporate strategy and scarce IT resources, and facilitate better decision-making across the enterprise. Importantly, portfolio management can help address two of the key challenges facing CIOs in 2009 and beyond ... read more..

COBOL at 50 (Butler Group Review, May 2009) - 21 Oct 2009

2009 sees the 50th anniversary of a project being established to formulate a common business programming language, which would eventually conceive COBOL (the well-known acronym for COmmon Business-Oriented Language). COBOL has been the prevalent language for developing business applications throughout the greater part of five decades since, although less so ... read more..

Virtualisation - Addressing Security Concerns! (Butler Group Review, April 2009) - 21 Oct 2009

Since 2005, the virtualisation of IT resources, services, and applications has achieved levels of adoption that have exceeded the expectations of even the most passionate of virtualisation evangelists. Specific areas where strong take-up in the use of the technology has been achieved include: network virtualisation, storage virtualisation, and server and ... read more..

Enterprise Applications (Butler Group Review, February 2009) - 18 Mar 2009

In 2009, a value and conservation-based mindset will underpin organisations' strategic and tactical investments in the enterprise application space. Historically, IT spending shrinks during recession but certain application areas emerge as investment opportunities because they can deliver value in terms of a clear return on investment or competitive advantage. Butler ... read more..

Application Infrastructure (Butler Group Review, February 2009) - 03 Mar 2009

It is self-evident that for a large part of the world, and in most industry sectors, economic conditions will play a part in determining buying patterns for application infrastructure during 2009. The nature of IT projects means that there is a lag in the effect of major financial events feeding ... read more..

When to Implement New Technology (Butler Group Review, December 2008) - 27 Feb 2009

As analysts we operate in a privileged position, commenting on new technologies and seeing the benefits they can bring. However, back in the real world, CIOs are for the most part dealt a particular hand, which has either been inherited or grown as needs must. Very few have been able ... read more..

Tighter Budget, Canny Spending (Butler Group Review, December 2008) - 08 Jan 2009

If the headlines are to be believed we are into recession, with even the suggestion of a depression skulking on the horizon. One thing that is certain during these dark days is that companies will need to look at ways to reduce overheads, be smart with their diminishing budgets and ... read more..



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