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Report Management Summaries

Ovum's authoritative 'IT Management' and 'Technology Evaluation' Reports deliver Ovum's thought leadership and opinion. They illustrate best practices through in-depth strategic analysis, supported by comprehensive end-user case studies and product assessments for the most relevant vendors.

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Business Intelligence 2011/2012 (Ovum Technology Evaluation Report) - 28 Sep 2012

Finding the right partner to handle changing analytics needs14 September 2012CatalystAs organisations address the requirements of faster and better decision making, they need to invest in business intelligence (BI) solutions and tools that can deal with the rapidly increasing volumes of available information both within and around the enterprise. To ... read more..

Enterprise Content Management 2011/2012 (Ovum Technology Evaluation and Comparison Report) - 24 May 2012

Driving business value from content managementApril 2012CatalystSocial networks, wikis, blogs and content stored on mobile devices are just some of the many new sources of content that are contributing to the growth in the amount of enterprise content. In addition, organisations are handling higher volumes of paper-based documents, which are ... read more..

Information Security 2011/2012 (Ovum Technology Evaluation and Comparison Report) - 15 Mar 2012

Protecting information at the endpointMarch 2012CatalystInformation security is now a challenge throughout the enterprise and not just at gateways on the edge of networks. In particular, the use of a large number of diverse types of endpoint devices is making the endpoint one of the most vulnerable pieces of the ... read more..

Amazon Web Services: a Cloud Market-Defining Organisation (Ovum IT Management and Strategy Report) - 09 Mar 2012

March 2012CatalystPublic cloud service provider Amazon Web Services (AWS), a wholly owned subsidiary of e-retail company Amazon, has had a huge impact on the IT industry by introducing a new on-demand, self-service approach to IT infrastructure services. It has become the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provider to emulate and ... read more..

Infrastructure Management 2011/2012 (Ovum Technology Evaluation and Comparison Report) - 09 Mar 2012

Recognising increased use of automation is required in cloud-enabled IT environmentsMarch 2012CatalystThe infrastructure management market has been dormant, or at best pedestrian, in terms of its radical innovation over the past decade. However, two years ago it began to change as a perfect storm of disruptive technologies, such as virtualisation, ... read more..

IT Service Management 2011/2012 (Ovum Technology Evaluation and Comparison Report) - 23 Feb 2012

The catalyst for continual service improvementJune2011CatalystIT functions need management frameworks and enabling technologies to help to deliver high-quality IT services and cost efficiencies in order to demonstrate delivered business value and increase IT-to-business engagement.Key findingsIT organisations need a back-to-basics and phased approach to IT services management (ITSM).Transitioning to ITIL v3 ... read more..

Enterprise Collaboration 2011/2012 (Ovum Technology Evaluation and Comparison Report) - 16 Jun 2011

Linking social, mobile, and cloudJuly 2011 CatalystDriven by changing business needs and global economic factors, organizations are starting to do things differently. Speed, agility, mobility, reuse, and innovation are the transformative factors forcing organizations to push aside old technologies and communication models to make way for new ways of working. ... read more..

Software Lifecycle Management 2011/2012 (Ovum Technology Evaluation and Comparison Report) - 16 Jun 2011

Managing application development, from Agile and cloud to embedded systems and mobile apps June 2011 Catalyst Application lifecycle management (ALM) is a process and philosophy as well as a software solution to support the process. After a period of relative stability, several factors are beginning to reshape ... read more..

Business Intelligence - technology and industry trends (IT Management and Strategy Report) - 03 Mar 2011

Growth and change in the BI marketMarch 2011CatalystThe business intelligence (BI) software market continues to see rapid growth, driven by enterprises desire to maximize cost savings and identify revenue opportunities across all major industries.Key findings:BI is a growth industry that Ovum predicts will have a spend of over $9.1bn in ... read more..

Identity and Access Management 2011/12 (Ovum Technology Evaluation and Comparison Report) - 17 Jan 2011

Delivering essential business protection and complianceJanuary 2011CatalystIdentity and access management (IAM) has become an essential part of the IT infrastructure for medium- to large-scale organizations. Its benefits of productivity and policy enforcement have been understood for some time, but it was widely regarded as a technology that was too hard ... read more..

Enterprise Search and Retrieval 2011/2012 - 16 Jan 2011

Exploiting all of the organizations information assetsJanuary 2011CatalystAs organizations address the requirements of faster and better decision making, they need enterprise search and retrieval (ESR) solutions, and tools that can deal with the rapidly increasing volumes of available information both within, and around the enterprise. To be effective, such solutions ... read more..

Effective IT Management (Ovum IT Management and Strategy Report) - 18 Nov 2010

Optimizing resources in a changing environmentDecember 2010CatalystIT management needs to ensure that it is in a position to help the organization benefit from the opportunities that present themselves in an ever-changing environment, creating a flexible IT function that can exploit existing and emerging technologies to best advantage.Key Findings:IT management should ... read more..

Planning for Cloud Computing (IT Management and Strategy Report) - 29 Oct 2010

Understanding the organisational, governance, and cost implicationsNovember 2010CatalystCloud computing promises to tackles two hitherto irreconcilable IT challenges: the need to lower costs and the need to boost innovation. However, it will take a lot of effort from enterprises to actually make it work. Instead of moving their IT mess for ... read more..

Customer Relationship Management (Ovum Technology Evaluation and Comparison Report) - 26 Oct 2010

Driving value from next generation CRM October 2010 Catalyst As the main conduit between a business and its customers, customer relationship management (CRM) solutions continue to be an area of strategic importance both technically and strategically, and often are the first enterprise application area where new business practices and technologies ... read more..

Application Lifecycle Governance (Ovum IT Management and Strategy Report) - 16 Sep 2010

Demolishing governance silos to reduce costs and improve alignmentAugust 2010ImpactTodays typical IT organization has scant resources for supporting enterprise innovation. With 75% or more of the IT budget consumed by maintenance, there is little left over for IT to develop the software that helps enterprises maintain their competitive ... read more..

Business Process Management: Creating a Platform for Organisational Agility (Ovum Butler Technology Evaluation and Comparison Report) - 03 Mar 2010

Although Business Process Management (BPM) solutions were already beginning to gain a great deal of traction in the market, the global economic climate of the past year has created an even greater interest as organisations look to the products to help streamline their processes. Although this has mainly been by ... read more..

Enterprise Communications: Improving Productivity and Collaboration Through a Unified Platform (Ovum Butler Technology Evaluation and Comparison Report) - 28 Feb 2010

With the deployment of integrated communication services there is an opportunity for organisations tosignificantly improve employee productivity, augment business processes, and foster innovation.Key FindingsA flexible service-centric approach to communications, to enable the exploitation of cloud computing and shared services, is becoming crucial.User choice should start to be factored into IT ... read more..

Infrastructure Management: Driving Increased Business Value Through the Strategic Use of IT - 20 Dec 2009

The demand for increased flexibility from an organisations IT capability is creating new challenges for IT infrastructure management. Much of this new demand is coming from the changing nature of operating in an increasingly interconnected global market, where an organisations performance is influenced by events that are mostly outside its direct control. The ... read more..

Business Intelligence - Corporate performance management - 09 Oct 2009

Corporate Performance Management (CPM) has been born out of the need to proactively manage performance for business optimisation. CPM can play an important role in controlling costs, optimising resources, and ensuring that business units are adding value. Business Intelligence (BI) has a crucial part to play in performance management, by ... read more..

Managing Costs in IT - 09 Oct 2009

The increasing financial and economic pressures that many organisations have found themselves facing recently have led to an intense pressure for IT cost savings. Organisations are no longer willing to make speculative investments in information systems without a clear understanding of the costs and measurement of the benefits. Today, a ... read more..

IT Risk Management - 08 Jan 2009

Organisations vary in the immediacy of their vulnerability to IT failures. Some start losing money the moment that a critical system becomes unavailable while others may be able to carry on with a near-normal operation for a considerable time. However, ultimately any substantial business is dependent on IT services. This ... read more..

Identity and Access Management - 08 Jan 2009

Identity and Access Management (IAM) provides an indispensable set of tools that are essential in the continuing battle to maintain control over who and what can gain access to our systems and applications and the important information that they hold. To keep pace with changing business and operational circumstances the ... read more..

IT Strategy and Architecture - 29 Oct 2008

IT organisations are under pressure to develop an effective strategy and to deliver services that can support changing requirements. An architectural approach can offer a useful framework within which organisations can plan and execute IT strategy. (Summary extracted from Butler Group's Technology Management and Strategy Report published September 2008) IT ... read more..

Enterprise Web 2.0 - 07 Oct 2008

The term 'Enterprise 2.0' has become the catch-all phrase that describes the wholesale change in enterprise IT thinking. Driven by changing business needs and social factors, organisations are starting to do things differently. Speed, agility, mobility, reuse, and innovation are the transformative drivers that are forcing organisations to push aside ... read more..

SOA Governance - 23 Jul 2008

The purpose of SOA governance is to ensure that the investments in SOA deployments made by the organisation deliver the anticipated benefits both in the short-term and throughout their entire lifetime. SOA is intended to be a long-term architecture, so it is reasonable to expect that some of the resources ... read more..

Document and Records Management - 23 Jul 2008

According to research from Datamonitor, Enterprise Content Management (ECM) has a market penetration of over 80%, with more than 40% of organisations planning to invest in new ECM systems or expand their solutions in the next two years. This means that many organisations that have already implemented Document Records Management ... read more..

Unified Communications and Collaboration - 02 Apr 2008

These are challenging times, with organisations facing continuous change, including the shift to a more agile, virtual organisation, increasingly mobile workers, and the unremitting demands to increase productivity and lower costs. The requirement for a multi-channel IP network and unified communications to support all of an organisation's interaction and collaboration ... read more..

IT Systems Management - 02 Apr 2008

The market in systems management has evolved over recent years, the leading vendors have all integrated the ability to monitor and manage a variety of infrastructure components, from virtual servers to network switches, in to their solutions. The other major transformation has been the acceptance that IT departments need standardised ... read more..

Sustainable IT Provision: Meeting the challenge of corporate, social, and environmental responsibility - 22 Feb 2008

Corporate, Social, and Environmental Responsibility (CSER) is now a core competence, which IT management must incorporate into their strategy and operations.CSER has become a significant issue for every enterprise, and is particularly pertinent for IT management which must focus on supporting the requirements of the organisation in this area. The ... read more..

Business Process Management - 22 Feb 2008

While most technology systems continue to be viewed by the business community as inhibitors of progress, rather than as innovative solutions capable of delivering agile operations, Business Process Management is being actively positioned as the exception to this rule. Business professionals continue to struggle with business and technology alignment issues, ... read more..



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