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Inventory management in a volatile world (Insight Report) - 13 Sep 2011

In times of economic uncertainty anything that can provide a competitive edge could prove critical to a companys survival. Understanding supply chains can make all the difference. Effective inventory management requires real-time integration of information from internal sources, suppliers, partners and customers with an eye on past trends and future ... read more..

Virtualisation - Aligning to the Business Strategy (Insight Report) - 23 May 2011

All the rage, definitely here to stay, enterprise ready virtualisations perceived ability to address many of IT managements biggest issues reducing costs, enabling rapid deployment and improving system availability is winning it lots of plaudits. But, to quote Clive Longbottom of Quocirca (page 8), one of the problems ... read more..

Electronic Rostering: Optimising workforce productivity (Insight Report) - 30 Sep 2010

Organisations in both the public and private sectors are under severe pressure to find ways to provide more efficient services. And with employee costs such a major overhead, rostering software is well worth considering for those organisations who need to schedule their staff across shifts in order to maintain an ... read more..

Virtualisation - Delivering Business Benefits (Insight Report) - 17 Feb 2010

Virtualisation appears to be on almost every companys agenda and is rapidly becoming a key element of IT strategies. In many ways, as our page 4 research article points out, the virtues of virtualisation are almost too good to be true: lower costs, better performance and greener IT. But virtualisation ... read more..

Document Management for Disaster Recovery (Insight Report) - 01 Dec 2009

We like to think we live in a digital age but paper still plays a key role in most organisations. Yet paper documents can easily be lost or misfiled and are vulnerable to disasters like fire or floods not to mention the inefficiency and literal waste of space that ... read more..

Field service - moving to the next level (Insight Report) - 09 Sep 2009

Companies running teams of engineers and providing field service operations face a tricky dilemma made worse by the recession: how to meet increasing demand for improved customer service while at the same time streamlining their own costs and operational efficiency. Cell phones and other mobile devices have revolutionised companies ability ... read more..

Bridging the Divide - Unifying paper and digital information (Insight Report) - 21 Jul 2009

Combining paper and electronic corporate information makes obvious business sense. The best way to do it isnt so obvious. What is clear is that at a time of recession, paperbased information is an anomalous overhead that organizations would do well to eradicate or reduce. Technology in the shape of ... read more..

Source-to-Pay: improving the bottom line (Insight Report) - 10 Dec 2008

In a time of economic uncertainty, it is vital to make business processes as streamlined and efficient as possible. And no area has a bigger impact on an organisations bottom-line profitability than its purchasing of goods and services. So how efficient, typically, is the management of this source-to-pay cycle? We ... read more..

Enhancing Customer Communications (Insight Report) - 06 Oct 2008

Companies have spent heavily on their CRM systems, but the most important part of customer communication management remains the humble document the letters, statements, marketing messages and contracts companies send out to their customers and prospects. And how many firms have focused properly on this area? Customer retention should ... read more..

Unified communications - merging separate worlds (Insight Report) - 12 Mar 2008

The integration of computers and telephony has been debated for years but the actual application of the idea is still developing. By combining voice and data systems, companies can cut costs and provide flexible communications to their increasingly far-flung and mobile workforce. Yet, according to our latest research (page 4), ... read more..



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