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PricewaterhouseCoopers Information Security Breaches Survey 2010 - 04 May 2010

According to the latest Security Breaches report from PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), a new wave of security breaches is hitting UK businesses potentially costing them billions. Technology adoption has continued to evolve rapidly through virtualisation, cloud computing and social networks, and despite an apparent increased level of awareness of security risks and ... read more..

Secure and Socially Responsible Disposal of PCs - 11 Feb 2010

A study on the disposal of IT equipment might not ordinarily make interesting reading, but in this period of heightened concern on the environment and sustainability the results of this study do at least set a marker in the sand from which to monitor progress into the future. This new ... read more..

Protecting Corporate Reputation and Brand - the role of people, culture and technology - 07 Jan 2009

Creating the right organisational culture and nurturing the right attitudes throughout the people in the organisation are critical components of a successful, modern business. And these are as critical in both the development and deployment of successful solutions as the technology itself. Ultimately, how you use technology has a ... read more..

Off-Site Data Facilities - The user perspective - 15 Oct 2008

Free report As the scale and importance of organisational data has grown and the regulatory requirements relating to data security have become more sophisticated, the market for off-site data, backup, and secure facilities has evolved to meet the growing needs. This research set out to address these issues and examined ... read more..

Data archiving, e-disclosure and internal access - 17 Sep 2008

Free Report The results of the 2008 Data Archiving, e-Disclosure and Internal Access Survey conducted by the National Computing Centre in conjunction with archiving specialist Plasmon have revealed that UK businesses need to do more to handle data efficiently and effectively. Many UK businesses are not ready to respond to ... read more..

The green IT paradox - 05 Sep 2008

Green has been the industry buzzword over the last year or so but have priorities changed as the economy falters? What are the Green IT success stories and what are the obstacles? How green are your peers and are they benefitting economically and environmentally? We surveyed 120 ... read more..

Are you, or have you ever been, a vulnerability? (An NCC Research Report) - 15 Jan 2008

There is much research identifying that the weak points in information security are people. However, the solutions are frequently more and more technical. This research looked for ways of identifying the 'weak links' so that individuals can be encouraged to improve their approach to risk and so improve the overall ... read more..

Mergers and Acquisitions and their IT impact - 07 Dec 2007

Free Report This Rapid Survey investigated how IT impacts on Mergers Acquisitions (MA) and how MA impacts on IT. NCC worked with Bloor Research to conduct this research amongst CIOs and senior IT managers about their experience of MA processes. It is clear from the research results ... read more..

Identity Management, Trust and Security On-line - 04 Dec 2007

Free Report There is already today a mass market of consumers using the web as a platform for financial, retail and information transactionswith a wide range of public and private sector organisations. However, considerable growth potential is unrealised through lack of confidence in on-line systems and the complexities of using ... read more..

Benefits of Document Standards and Interoperability: An NCC Research Report - 27 Nov 2007

Free Report Many organisations have moved to substantial dependence upon electronic document creation, manipulation, presentation and record keeping. The number of electronic means to these ends is profilerating quickly, mixing up the products of in-house, on-line and telecommunications-based software applications and storage media. All this is happening in the context ... read more..

Storage Strategy Rapid Survey - 24 Jul 2007

Free download This independent research conducted by the National Computing Centre and sponsored by Pillar Data Systems looked into the data storage strategy of user organisations and their experiences of managing their growing storage environment. Most respondents reported a mixed storage environment. Direct Access Storage (DAS) is still the most ... read more..

Business Intelligence Rapid Survey - 06 Jun 2007

Free download For increasing numbers of organisations, competitive pressures demand step changes in the speed and quality of their decision making processes. This requires more accurate information on the processes undertaken, their efficiency and more importantly, the profitability of each process in the chain. It is therefore not suprising that ... read more..

Performance Management in Local Authorities - An NCC Research Report - 14 May 2007

Free download In November 2006 Microsoft UK commissioned the National Computing Centre (NCC Ltd) to research capability and maturity of Performance Management in Local Authorities. The objective, to develop case studies based on six Local Authorities in the UK and three overseas. The research supports the work being undertaken by the ... read more..

Security and Information Risk Survey - 03 Apr 2007

Free download This survey conducted by the National Computing Centre (NCC) and sponsored by Atos Consulting, the business consulting arm of Atos Origin highlighted the need for governance and integration of security across the entire business in order to ensure that the additional investment does deliver value. Despite ... read more..

Data Governance Rapid Survey - 01 Dec 2006

Free download This independent survey conducted by the National Computing Centre and sponsored by IBM, found that most organisations now recognise the importance of good data governance. However, few are actually implementing policies, and when policies are implemented, it is the IT department who is responsible for delivery. ... read more..

How advanced are your Legacy Applications? - 18 May 2006

Free download New research conducted by the National Computing Centre and Atos Origin indicates there is a strong and growing appreciation among senior IT decision makers that legacy related issues need to be addressed sooner rather than later. Report highlights include: Over a quarter of ... read more..



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