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IT Department Accreditation

How does Accreditation work?

Applicants are provided with a copy of the IT Department Accreditation Standard, which details the assessment process and identifies all the requirements in each of the five stages of business. Applicants are also provided with access to a named Assessor who will be on hand to support them through the whole process.

Each requirement is a Line of Enquiry for which supporting evidence of the relevant work being done will be sought. The quality of the evidence will be rated. Some Lines of Enquiry are considered to be Key Lines of Enquiry for which formal, reviewed processes must be evidenced. Again, the quality of the evidence provided will be rated.

The Assessor will then arrange an Orientation Visit – a pre-assessment meeting on-site to familiarise you and your management team with the requirements of the process and what you need to do as priorities - including setting a suitable date for your Assessment Visit. The Assessor will also collect key metrics from you that enter you into the benchmarking aspect of the scheme and ensure that your IT department is assessed according to its size and complexity.

The Assessment Visit takes one day. The Assessor will ask searching questions and view the evidence that you do what you say you do. At the end of the visit, the Assessor will make a recommendation that will be reviewed by the ITDA scheme Moderators at The National Computing Centre. The Assessor will also elaborate on the areas of improvement for inclusion in the bespoke Action Plan.

Successful departments will be added to the IT Department Accreditation Standard Register and awarded the NCC IT Department Accreditation Certificate, a plaque, and permission to use The National Computing Centre ITDA logo.

Unsuccessful applicants will be given an opportunity to take short term remedial action, if that is appropriate and achievable. A bespoke Action Plan will be produced regardless of the assessment outcome to help all applicants identify areas for improvement.

The Assessor will revisit successful applicants around the anniversary of assessment for a Light Touch Review of progress against the Action Plan. A further Light Touch Review will be scheduled for the second anniversary. A full re-assessment is required at the third anniversary.

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