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UK CIOs must modernise, report warns - 28 Apr 2013

From InformationWeek UK business and government organisations need to sharpen their act when it comes to making best use of modern IT, according to two new reports. The first, by the country's main professional HR association, the 100-year old Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), slams the private sector for not ... read more..

Embedding a culture of quality - 06 Sep 2011

ITDA CASE STUDY: Elan IT Michael Dean talks to Jason Reaney, IT Director at recruitment company Elan about how their accreditation to the National Computing Centres (NCC) Standard for IT departments helped them embed a culture of quality which will help them fulfil wider ambitions. Elan is one of ... read more..

NCC Members Question: sample contracts for on-call staff - 05 Aug 2011

NCC Members can ask relevant questions of the wider NCC membership, moderated by NCC. We collate the responses, where appropriate anonymise them, then publish the results on the website for the benefit of the wider Membership. Can you help with this question from a medium sized healthcare company? I am ... read more..

HR departments strive to be more strategic - 28 Feb 2011

From the National Computing Centre, Manchester UK.For issue 28th February 2011Transformation is very much the order of the day for Human Resources (HR)departments due to a mixture of changing working patterns, evolving organisational needs and the ever present requirement to deliver a varied range of services more cost effectively. In ... read more..

Sharing knowledge in Finance and Accounting Systems - 21 Oct 2010

21 October 2010 Log in to download the presentations for free We are delighted to invite you as our guest to share in the debate, opinions of our experts and experience of your peers about the state of the market today and what to do about it in these economic ... read more..

Electronic Rostering: Optimising workforce productivity (Insight Report) - 30 Sep 2010

Organisations in both the public and private sectors are under severe pressure to find ways to provide more efficient services. And with employee costs such a major overhead, rostering software is well worth considering for those organisations who need to schedule their staff across shifts in order to maintain an ... read more..

All change in the HR department - 20 May 2010

20 May 2010 Download the Presentations Impact of Technology on HR (Cliff Mills, NCC) HR and Payroll Market Update (Tim Palmer, PA Consulting Group) Change is much in evidence for the HR department as it seeks to align ... read more..

Is Flexibility the Key to Stability in 2010? - 22 Feb 2010

With unemployment, hiring freezes and redundancy dominating the headlines, its not surprising that many business professionals will happily say goodbye to a recession-dominated 2009 and look forward to a more positive 2010. The IT sector, like many others, was unable to sidestep the impact of a global recession, experiencing a ... read more..

The Generation Game – managing a multi-generational workforce - 25 Nov 2009

Change management Marc Humphries of Atos Consulting considers the effect that the changing demographics in the workplace will have upon UK businesses. Those of us of a certain age will remember the original 1970s Saturday night TV show with Bruce Forsyth and his glamorous assistant Anthea give us a ... read more..

Building the Foundations for Change - 25 Nov 2009

Maggie Berry, Director of, questions whether the infrastructure is in place to support women seeking a career within the IT industry.Lets start with a few facts and figures. Currently, just 19% of the IT and Telecoms workforce is female, a figure which has fallen by 4% since 2005. Just ... read more..

The Power of Social Media - 04 Nov 2009

2009 has seen the power of social media reach an all-time high with many of us dedicating our precious time daily to blogs, chat forums and popular social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Rob Marcus, director at social networking moderation company, Chat Moderators believes that social media is ... read more..

HR - Making a Difference in the Credit Crunch - 16 Oct 2009

Roger Fullilove, HR Access Solutions. The world has changed. In a few short weeks in late 2008 the credit crunch, as the media styled it, descended and turned our economic and business world on its head. It created a chaos not witnessed in a generation, or even since 1929, and ... read more..

Guide To Rolling Out Self-Service HR Systems - 16 Oct 2009

Cascade, 2009. What is self-serve HR? Self-service systems will help HR departments empower line managers and employees. For example, typical functionality that HR might roll out to self-service users at employee level could be: Request holidays (with authorisation route). Request bank changes (with authorisation route). ... read more..

Case Study: Brendoncare/COA Solutions - 16 Oct 2009

Brendoncare is a registered UK charity, dedicated to improving the quality of life for older people. It has 10 residential care homes and nursing homes and also provides outreach, close care and day are services. As a charitable organisation, it could be assumed that Brendoncare would not have the resources and ... read more..

Case Study: Aberdeen Asset Management/Vizual Business Tools - 16 Oct 2009

CASE STUDY: ABERDEEN ASSET MANAGEMENT/VIZUAL BUSINESS TOOLS With a single point of entry for data and employee self-service, HR can rely on the data to an extent that wasnt possible in the past. Managers can run their own reports and the whole company recognises that HR data is sound. Nigel Rogers, ... read more..

Case Study: Abbott Laboratories/Kalido - 16 Oct 2009

CASE STUDY: ABBOTT LABORATORIES/KALIDO Stephen Swoyer, Business Intelligence Journal, December 2008. Business change disrupts, undermines, subverts and in many cases wrecks the best-laid plans or strategies of business and IT executives. It doesnt have to be that way. Along with disruption, change also produces opportunityto revisit, tinker with, improve upon and in some ... read more..

Finance Systems fail to please everyone - 11 Jun 2009

Press Release from The National Computing Centre, Manchester UK. Issued 11th June 2009 Nearly a third of organisations feel that their financial systems have failed to meet all their original business objectives. This is according to new research commissioned by the Evaluation Centre (, an interactive online service guiding IT buyers in ... read more..

Wedded to Engagement - 01 Jan 2009

Involving and engaging staff can reap dividends during times of recession, say Bettina Pickering and Amy Finn of PA Consulting. Research over the past 10 years has shown a clear link between employee engagement and employee performance. Some notable examples include: In 2001, Gallup carried out thousands of interviews to demonstrate ... read more..

View from the Top: Southampton City Council - 01 Jan 2009

Company: Southampton City Council. Interviewee: Jackie Standen. Job Title: Head of organisational development. The Subject: Southampton has used HR payroll outsourcing as a means to introduce innovations such as employee self-service while improving its own service delivery. PERSONAL FILE NAME: Jackie Standen. BACKGROUND: Jackie has been head of organisational development at Southampton City Council since ... read more..

It's All About the Data! - 01 Jan 2009

ANDY CROSSEY of Capgemini says too many HR departments ignore the key elements of their IT implementation. Implementing a new HR system is all about the data after all, the key functions of an HR system are to collect and store information and to enable you to use it effectively ... read more..

Market Overview January 09 - 01 Jan 2009

The HR department has undergone many changes in recent years and the signs are that this will continue apace. Structural changes that were once the preserve of large and leading-edge organisations are now filtering down to companies of all sizes, with the aim of increasing the value that HR brings ... read more..

Payroll software - 14 Dec 2006

Using payroll software can speed up the process of calculating pay accurately, and making payments on time. It can reduce the burden of understanding complex payroll legislation and payroll systems operation. As a consequence, it can also reduce administrative costs. Payroll is a business-critical operation for every organisation - ... read more..

File returns online - 12 Dec 2006

You can submit a range of tax forms and returns securely over the Internet including: PAYE (Pay As You Earn) self assessment ... read more..



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