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Project Management & Programme Management

With the ever-increasing challenge on IT to deliver more with less, the ability to manage projects and multiple interdependent projects has fast become a critical requirement within IT. Project management is recognised across both the public and private sectors as a fundamental organisational capability. Projects involve a complex mix of people, technology, organisations and tasks. This will need good control, effective leadership, teamwork, resource management and, increasingly, will invariably lead to organisational change. There are many tools available to help with project planning and scheduling programmes that provide real-time information, as well as linking to risk analysis, time recording, costing, estimating and other aspects of project control.

More firms are planning, adopting and successfully implementing DevOps - 15 Jun 2016

From There has been an increase in the number of companies who are either planning to move towards a DevOps way of working, are in the process of merging both functions, or have already merged both functions successfully, according to Computing's in-depth research. DevOps is the integration of developers ... read more..

60% say agile IT could benefit organisations - 04 Nov 2015

From ZDNet Flexibility and evolution are two trademarks of successful IT, and as technology progresses at an even faster pace than in the past, traditional IT projects are changing as well. Larger, complex projects are becoming less of a focus and shorter, more sustainable efforts to drive change and flexibility ... read more..

How rapidly does your IT department adapt? - 16 Sep 2015

From TechRepublic The trademark of successful IT has always been rooted in flexibility and evolution. While many of the methods in which we use technology have remained fairly static entering, processing and reviewing data on fixed or portable devices the concepts and techniques behind them have grown vastly ... read more..

Is the coder dead? - 27 Oct 2014

From Rod Willmott, director of fast track in innovation at insurance firm LV=, says the company is now completing IT projects five or six times faster than it used to, and the difference, he says, is all down to the company's use of the Mendix app platform. Working on a range ... read more..

Five online apps to help IT managers prioritise project tasks - 29 Sep 2014

From TechRepublic For IT managers, tracking and improving workflows, while facilitating team efforts, can be difficult especially when working on several projects at once. Whether it's fixing bugs or monitoring development projects, the time spent organising and then executing is an intricate part of any time management strategy. Below are ... read more..

Economy boost means IT must start delivering true business value - 19 May 2014

From With spending on IT increasing, businesses must prioritise the IT projects that deliver the best return on investment, according to analyst Ovum. Speaking at Ovum's Industry Congress (OIC) in London, Nicole Englebert, director of research and analysis at Ovum, recommended IT leaders prioritise projects that deliver the most return. 'Always decide ... read more..

BBC CTO axed over failed IT project - 03 Feb 2014

From IT Pro The BBC has confirmed it sacked CTO John Linwood in July 2013 over the corporation's failed Digital Media Initiative (DMI), which attempted to change the way staff used, developed and shared multimedia material. The project, which was worth 98.4 million, was damned as a 'huge ... of licence ... read more..

Only 39% of IT projects successful? That's a good start - 28 Oct 2013

From ZDNet Another day, another survey announcing disconnect between IT and the business. A new report from Forrester shows high levels of dissatisfaction on both sides, and suggests more 'integrated thinking' is needed. The sound bite coming out of a new survey of 474 IT executives conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf ... read more..

When it comes to pay, project managers are IT's top dogs - 29 Jul 2013

From IT Pro The shortage of skilled staff is an ongoing problem for many IT departments, despite the economy's poor performance over the last few years. Companies lack coders, testers and engineers, as well as the senior staff needed to implement and manage projects. But it is senior project managers who are ... read more..

IT projects: why you need to fail more often - 13 May 2013

From TechRepublic Having a higher rate of IT project failures could be good for your organisation, making it more efficient more rapidly. Businesses that experience a larger percentage of schemes that go wrong are likely to develop a culture of experimentation and should become more adept at identifying the likely success or ... read more..

Why tech projects fail: five unspoken reasons - 15 Apr 2013

From InformationWeek Depending on which consultancy you ask and what they're ultimately trying to sell you, the failure rate for technology projects is anywhere from 37% to 75%. I especially like the 37% not 35, but 37 because those extra two percentage points give the kind of false precision ... read more..

Selecting a Social Media Monitoring Vendor (OpinionWire 3 August 2012) - 06 Aug 2012

Being Agile About AgileSome agile (broadly defined here to include lean) software development projects succeed and some fail, and there are commentators who see agile as still having to prove itself. These failures are therefore viewed as evidence against agile, but there are a number of reasons why this thinking ... read more..

Bring Your Own: Software as Big a Problem as Devices (OpinionWire 16 March 2012) - 16 Mar 2012

CIO, Tear Down This Wall!A quarter of a century after Ronald Reagan challenged Mikhail Gorbachev to tear down the Berlin Wall, one of the most famous symbols of division in modern history, the self-imposed wall between business and IT one of the IT industrys most hotly debated problems ... read more..

IBM Announces its Mobile Strategy and Acquisition of Worklight (OpinionWire 24 February 2012) - 24 Feb 2012

Cloud Services Business Trends Survey: Summary ResultsThis presentation summarises results from our recent Cloud Services Business Trends Survey of 200 CIOs/IT decision makers across the US, the UK, France and Germany. Download PDF articleEnterprises Refine their Tablet Adoption StrategiesEnterprises are moving from reactive, fashion-led deployment of tablets to mature, role-based, ... read more..

Insecure software development undermines business value - 16 Dec 2011

No software developer sets out to produce bad code and create insecure applications, but there appears to be a lack of understanding towards securing software in the corporate infrastructure. Security weaknesses in software systems of enterprises are routinely exposed by hacking incidents; the Sony and breaches are the most ... read more..

No. 6: Project, Programme & Change Management - 30 Nov 2011

A collection of recent NCC research, thought leadership articles, events, webinars and videos, to help those interested in professional development get up to speed with the key management issues in project, programme and change management.Good project/programme management is at the heart of successful IT service delivery. Project methodologies provide you ... read more..

Software Lifecycle Management 2011/2012 (Ovum Technology Evaluation and Comparison Report) - 16 Jun 2011

Managing application development, from Agile and cloud to embedded systems and mobile apps June 2011 Catalyst Application lifecycle management (ALM) is a process and philosophy as well as a software solution to support the process. After a period of relative stability, several factors are beginning to reshape ... read more..

Agile - The New World Order - Event Summary - 15 Jun 2011

St Leonards Hall, Edinburgh University, Edinburgh, 14th June 2011 Agile project management practices are becoming a recognised standard in the software industry. Is this because agile techniques are so much better than the more traditional project management approaches or is it because the old project management methodologies dont work? The ... read more..

Agile Project Management (Edinburgh) - 14 Jun 2011

14 June 2011 Download the presentations Agile - The New World Order This seminar will demonstrate how you can introduce an Agile approach into your organisation: how to get the buy-in from the business, how to get the approval of the technical team and the steps you need to ... read more..

Agile Project Management (Birmingham) - 10 May 2011

10 May 2011 Download the presentations This seminar will demonstrate how you can introduce an Agile approach into your organisation: how to get the buy-in from the business, how to get the approval of the technical team and the steps you need to take to make all your projects successful. In short, ... read more..

Don't let your SharePoint project go off the rails! - 01 Mar 2011

01 March 2011 Networking Seminar Download the presentations: Steve Rastall - igroup Michael Dean - NCC Microsofts SharePoint collaboration tool can bring significant benefits to business and is described by Microsoft as the Business ... read more..

Agile Project Management - the new standard - 15 Sep 2010

Agile project management practices are becoming the standard in the software industry. is this because agile techniques are so much better than the more traditional project management approaches or is it because the old project management methodologies dont work? The reality is probably a combination of the two.The status quoBefore ... read more..

The Mobile Project Lifecycle - 24 Nov 2009

According to Rob Bamforth, lead analyst from Quocirca, It is essential that enterprises adopt a mobile strategy that includes plans for the evolution and continuous improvement of a mobile project.A continuous improvement approach in a mobile project is the key to maximising profitability from your investment in mobility. Continuous improvement ... read more..

Top 10 Steps To Choosing The Right PSA/Practice Management Solution - 16 Oct 2009

Paul Church, IRIS PROJECTminder. Selecting the right solution for your business can be a minefield. The following are some pointers to help you get the product that is right for you with the minimum of fuss. Prioritise. Internally agree what you are looking to automate, and prioritise these ... read more..

The journey from grid to cloud computing - 30 Sep 2009

Randy Clark of Platform Computing tracks the evolution of cloud enabling software from its origins in grid and high performance computing. The buzz surrounding Cloud Computing has reached an all time high thanks to intense media interest and the marketing efforts of big brands such as Amazon and Google. According to ... read more..

Towards SRM - 30 Sep 2009

Cirquent's Tim Haigh explains why customer relationship management is evolving to become 'stakeholder' relationship management. Relatively few companies have incorporated customer relationship management technologies effectively, even though the concept has been around for a long time now. Many early adopters failed to implement often highly complex and costly systems successfully, with ... read more..

If You Can't Measure It, You Can't Manage It! - 30 Sep 2009

Gone are the days of a year or so ago where businesses were frivolously splashing the cash on anything from office parties to new offices and bonuses. Even IT was making the most of the spending game, pouring a considerable amount of money into servers, storage and other infrastructure without ... read more..

Top Ten Tips for Implementing Microsoft SharePoint - 29 Sep 2009

SharePoint is a powerful product but a careful and considered approach is needed for a successful implementation. Ian Woodgate from PointBeyond shares his top 10 tips to help your organisation avoid some of the pitfalls commonly seen. Choosing to implement SharePoint is a ... read more..

Customers dissatisfied with their project portfolio management solutions - 10 Jul 2009

Press Release from The National Computing Centre, Manchester UK. Issued 10th July 2009 Research into the use of project portfolio management (PPM) software - including traditional project management tools and professional services automation (PSA) solutions - reveals that 31% of companies find it 'difficult' to manage a portfolio of inter-dependent projects using ... read more..

Programme and project management websites - 01 Jun 2004

Ideally, I would like to say that there are lots of websites that help project and programme managers with free tools, tips and case studies. Unfortunately, the project management fraternity seems to be too busy running projects to put a lot ... read more..



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