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Microsoft's new service is like YouTube for the enterprise - 21 Jul 2016

From CIO It's called Stream and it's supposed to let people easily work together with one another on videos, and then share that content both inside and outside their company. In the realm of consumer web services, video is ascending. Facebook has been emphasising video posts on its popular social ... read more..

Has open source become the default business model for enterprise software? - 21 Jul 2016

From ZDNet The announcement this week that Splice Machine is open sourcing its product has become just the latest reminder that in emerging technology markets open source is increasingly the rule, not the exception. Open source software is one of those overnight successes that's been a decade and ... read more..

No place for the old? Is software development a young person's game? - 23 Jun 2016

From TechRepublic With age and experience comes wisdom, or so the saying goes, but when it comes to being a developer, is it a job you can pursue into middle age? There are plenty of stats and anecdotes that suggest the average age of developers skews young. Norman Matloff, professor ... read more..

More firms are planning, adopting and successfully implementing DevOps - 15 Jun 2016

From There has been an increase in the number of companies who are either planning to move towards a DevOps way of working, are in the process of merging both functions, or have already merged both functions successfully, according to Computing's in-depth research. DevOps is the integration of developers ... read more..

Bring on the DevOps, say IT support managers - 16 Apr 2016

From ZDNet The vast majority of IT support people say they don't have enough of a connection with the development side, save the post-release cycle. In many cases, they're simply not ready to handle the volume of new releases, fixes or features that are sent out by their development teams. ... read more..

Goodbye C#. Hello F#? - 14 Jul 2014

From Computer giants such as Apple and Microsoft are leading a shift in programming language architecture that may soon see established development languages, such as C, C++, C# and Java, pushed aside in favour of 'functional programming languages'. 'Functional programming is a coding style that emphasises ideas such as composition from ... read more..

HP expands developer offerings for mobile and cloud applications - 03 Jun 2013

From HP has revealed a suite of software and services designed specifically for developers wanting to build business cloud and mobile applications. Collectively called the Application Transformation Solutions suite, the three packages will be available to HP customers from this July. Peter Schofield, practice director at HP EMEA Enterprise Services, told V3 ... read more..

The tangled web we weave - 28 Apr 2013

From IT Adviser A company's web presence today is no longer a nice-to-have; it is core to the organisation's brand, whether the site is used to sell products or simply to provide a window into the business. Yet the average organisation is surprisingly blas about their choice of web hosting provider ... read more..

Enterprise IT can’t keep pace with cloud, analytics, integration - 15 Apr 2013

From Information Management What is happening? The components of the new Master Architecture have accelerated rapidly to a level of business relevance since we first described it last year (Boundary-free enterprise: empowered by the new Master Architecture). Cloud, mobile, social, analytics and integration (CSMA/I) have all become part of strategies for ... read more..

Amazon Web Services Fills Out its Big Data Cloud Platform (OpinionWire 7 December 2012) - 07 Dec 2012

ITSM Advances Set to Empower and Engage Users in 2013Through discussions with vendors, clients and research into technology trends and disruptors, Ovum has identified what it believes will be the key IT service management (ITSM) advances of 2013. More detailed information and analysis can be found in our recently published ... read more..

Innovation Must Shape the CIO Agenda (OpinionWire 30 November 2012) - 30 Nov 2012

IT Governance is the Key to Managing Complex Agile ProjectsOvums recent report, Managing Large-Scale Agile Projects: Case Studies, examines how leading-edge agile consultancies have dealt with the challenges of going beyond the team in a room that characterised the early gestation of agile methodologies. Today, agile software development is practised ... read more..

Enterprises Must Learn the Art of Delivering Innovation on a Shoestring (OpinionWire 5 October 2012) - 05 Oct 2012

Integration Will Slowly Shift to the CloudMany organisations are still struggling with traditional application integration issues, and the increasing heterogeneity of enterprise application portfolios driven by the rapid rise of social, mobile and SaaS applications is not good news for them. Integration is often messy and complex and beyond the ... read more..

SOA is Not Dead, it is More Relevant than Ever (OpinionWire 20 July 2012) - 20 Jul 2012

It's Time to Understand the Organisational Catalysts for Cloud AdoptionCloud services have been debated for many years, but it is now time to stop discussing theory and start discussing the actual experiences of early adopters. Why is it that some agencies embrace cloud services while others do not? Ovum recently ... read more..

Vendors Look to HTML to Deliver Mobile BI (OpinionWire 6 April 2012) - 06 Apr 2012

Bring Your Own SoftwareMuch has been written about the BYOD (bring your own device) problem. Ovum believes the software equivalent of the same challenge is as big a problem and as big an opportunity for corporate IT. The freemium model and the bottom-up entry strategy have produced a few well-publicised ... read more..

No. 5: IT Strategy & Enterprise Architecture - 01 Nov 2011

A collection of recent NCC research, thought leadership articles, events, webinars and videos, to help those interested in professional development get up to speed with the key management issues in IT strategy and enterprise architecture.In these fast-changing times, developing an effective IT strategy isnt easy. To help you, the NCC ... read more..

United we stand: workforce collaboration strategies - 22 Feb 2010

We are operating in a relentlessly changing business environment, with uncertainty fast becoming one of the only constants on which senior management can rely. Globalisation, market consolidation, ongoing technological advancements and heightened customer expectations, as well as increased regulation exacerbated by the fall out of the financial crisis, are all ... read more..

Seeking out hidden savings - 25 Nov 2009

why it pays to rationalise your BI infrastructure Your IT budget is razor thin, your staff is maxed out, and management has ordered another round of cuts. Meanwhile, three departments are clamouring for specialised applications to compete effectively against the market leader thats eating your lunch. Somehow youre expected to ... read more..

Building the Foundations for Change - 25 Nov 2009

Maggie Berry, Director of, questions whether the infrastructure is in place to support women seeking a career within the IT industry.Lets start with a few facts and figures. Currently, just 19% of the IT and Telecoms workforce is female, a figure which has fallen by 4% since 2005. Just ... read more..

Business intelligence and SOA: making the jump - 04 Jun 2008

Bikram Sankar Das discusses the current market response to the availability of technologies for embedding business intelligence (BI) into operations, and describes how the adoption of SOA can help to maximise the benefits of BI platforms.As business intelligence and performance management (BI-PM) technologies increase in maturity, companies are finding new ... read more..

Implementing SOA successfully - 07 Feb 2007

Martin Percival provides us with his top tips for implementing SOA successfully within your organsiation. 1 Map SOA to your business To be successful, organisations must approach SOA from outside the traditional technology boundaries. Rather than trying to map business goals and requirements onto an SOA vision, companies should ... read more..

Justifying investment in IT architecture - 01 Sep 2003

All chief executives are looking at new business drivers: Getting closer to customers with customer relationship management (CRM); Rethinking how to use electronic infrastructure for e-business; Collaborating with partners, including business process outsourcers; ... read more..



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