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Cyber insurance still too expensive and complex, Government report admits - 25 Mar 2015

From Computerworld UK The UK must urgently find ways to make cyber risk insurance cheaper and less complex for the firms that could benefit from it, a major report compiled by the Government with input from the insurance industry and business has concluded. The Government signalled its determination to get to the ... read more..

UK government to give lawyers & accountants free cyber security training - 13 Oct 2014

From IT Pro The legal and accountancy sectors are to be offered access to a free, online IT security training course to help members of these professions learn how to avoid cyber attacks. It is also hoped the government-backed initiative will enable lawyers and accountants to advise their clients on cyber security ... read more..

Enhancing legal business efficiency through the use of IT - 13 Jun 2013

Date: 27 June 2013 Time: 9.00am-1.00pm Location: Microsoft's office in Cardinal Place, 80-100 Victoria Street, London, SW1E 5JL (see map). Nearest tube station is Victoria Cost: Free of charge includes free breakfast Enrol: Click here Overview: Learn how to improve your internal efficiencies, boost ROI on existing IT infrastructure and increase profitability at this ... read more..

National Computing Centre launches consultant assurance scheme - 30 Jan 2013

Media release The National Computing Centre has launched a new service that helps its member organisations identify the right independent IT consultant to help with their projects. The Consultant Assure service is free-of-charge to members who pay only the standard consultancy fee charged by these firms. The National Computing Centre has a ... read more..

Getting What You Need from IT Security (OpinionWire 9 March 2012) - 09 Mar 2012

Iceland to Become a Low-Cost Data Centre DestinationIceland's new and unique multi-tenant data centre will be an attractive low-cost destination for many IT workloads eventually. UK co-location provider Verne Global built the facility on a former Nato base near Keflavik airport, with modular IT infrastructure from Colt Technology. Verne ... read more..

High speed broadband set to revolutionise business in 2010 - 25 May 2010

There is no doubt that technology will provide a major boost for businesses across the country as they begin to emerge from the recession during 2010. Research shows that firms that have harnessed the power of technology have coped much better with the downturn. In the year ahead, as ... read more..

Fixed Mobile Integration - 22 Feb 2010

Is fixed mobile integration a contradiction in terms or the most efficient way of managing your mobile infrastructure? Lesley Hansen discusses Fixed Mobile Integration (FMI) is the supply of communication services based on the combination of wired and wireless technologies, and, theoretically, became possible at the outset of the 1990s ... read more..

Future of the Desktop - 04 Dec 2009

(Article taken from Management Guidelines 331 Future of the Desktop)The desktop computing marketplace is fast-paced, with an increasing variety of options for the delivery of information both within an organisation and the wider connected community. In facilitating this information, the way in which applications are installed and accessed has become ... read more..

Cloud Computing for All! (virtually) - 25 Nov 2009

tomorrow's technology todayGary Cornell and his views from across the pondI was recently talking to a friend who runs a small company. He told me he was thinking of ditching their use of Gmail for their corporate email because of the recent Gmail outages and return to them doing it ... read more..

Building the Foundations for Change - 25 Nov 2009

Maggie Berry, Director of, questions whether the infrastructure is in place to support women seeking a career within the IT industry.Lets start with a few facts and figures. Currently, just 19% of the IT and Telecoms workforce is female, a figure which has fallen by 4% since 2005. Just ... read more..

Innovations in Code Maintenance - 12 Nov 2009

Within IT, code maintenance is an often overlooked area of misery and costs. Code maintenance is generally overlooked as the costs and potential problems associated with cleaning up old code can be huge. The industry sees their options are to leave the code as is and accept the massive code ... read more..

Erudine Cannot Become Legacy - 12 Nov 2009

This is the second part of a series of white papers by Erudine that examines the issues and problems of Legacy Systems. First, this paper takes a look how legacy problems are usually confined to the components of a project that handle behaviour. Second, this paper introduces the Erudine Behaviour ... read more..

The Burden of Legacy - 12 Nov 2009

One of the most difficult challenges facing IT directors today is maintaining and upgrading legacy systems. Legacy is becoming a hot topic: research by the Gartner group show that the main concern amongst IT managers in mid-sized IT companies is integration with legacy systems.The Burden of Legacy ... read more..

Unique Improvements to Business Process Management - 12 Nov 2009

The Erudine Behaviour Engine is an innovative technology for the generation and management of complex business rules. This paper examines how the unique benefits the engine can bring to projects requiring business data workflow management, and specifically Business Process Management (BPM) and Business Process Automation (BPA) systems.Unique Improvements to Business ... read more..

Unlocking Tacit Knowledge - 12 Nov 2009

The problems and issues around requirements capture and management are well documented within the IT industry. It is the defects in the requirements definition process that very often lead to failure in the successful implementation of major IT projects. We would all contend that truly successful development can only take ... read more..

Profiting from Experience - 12 Nov 2009

Programmes and projects are significant investments and key mechanisms by which business change is achieved. Yet many otherwise successful organisations fail to reap full value from this investment by not learning the lessons from this experience.Profiting from Experience ... read more..

Unlocking the Value in your Data - 12 Nov 2009

Information lies at the heart of effective management. Not only are business executives accountable for the information published to the market, but effective strategic and operational decisions rely on intelligence derived from available data. Organisations need to have access to the 'right' data to improve competitiveness, grow market share, meet ... read more..

Performance measurement - 12 Nov 2009

Given the significant costs and strategic value of IT, measuring its performance is at least as important as measuring the performance of any other key business function. Yet many organisations find IT performance measurement challenging, so they settle for measuring what they can - rather than what they want or ... read more..

Getting real alignment between business and IT - 12 Nov 2009

Achieving successful alignment of IT with the business starts with reaching an understanding and agreement between business and IT about IT's role and business contribution. This will get senior management in both IT and the business, involved and accountable for IT governance, and support the board in setting direction. True ... read more..

Developing and implementing a consistent risk management framework - 12 Nov 2009

Organisations recognise the need for risk management, and many purport to have it in place. Further investigation often reveals inconsistent and superficial processes for risk identification and management, and even inconsistent approaches to risk categorisation. Management is reassured by the belief that risk management is in place, as evidenced by ... read more..

Managing IT investment to achieve value - 12 Nov 2009

For some companies, IT budgeting can seem like a mystical art fit only for specialist accountants; for others, it's a money pit that yields few measurable benefits. The complex issues at play include visible and invisible spend, varying views on approaches such as total cost of ownership (TCO), expected lifespan ... read more..

Choosing and using IT governance standards - 12 Nov 2009

Standards for many aspects of business - IT included - have been available for many years. Fully embraced by some, ignored by others on the grounds that attaining and maintaining compliance is too onerous, while others choose a middle path of following the principles without certification or independent verification. Standards ... read more..

IT governance in the public sector - 12 Nov 2009

IT governance as a critical enabler to Transformational GovernmentThere is no doubt that the pace of business change has increased and will continue to do so. It is also true that opportunities for significant incremental business benefit are diminishing and that, increasingly, organisations are depending on technology to achieve the ... read more..

Developing the right organisation and resource management - 12 Nov 2009

With falling technology costs, human resources increasingly comprise the largest component of IT expenditure. As IT governance is concerned with achieving value for IT expenditure, it must focus on these human resources, as well as on the technological and financial resources. The constantly changing IT world presents particular challenges for ... read more..

Developing the right organisation and resource management - 05 Nov 2009

With falling technology costs, human resources increasingly comprise the largest component of IT expenditure. As IT governance is concerned with achieving value for IT expenditure, it must focus on these human resources, as well as on the technological and financial resources. The constantly changing IT world presents particular challenges for ... read more..

IT Governance: improving IT performance; delivering business value - 05 Nov 2009

IT Governance is a critical topic for business leaders given the significant investment and central role IT plays in today's organisations. However, IT Governance is a much misunderstood subject and means different things to different people. At Ernst Young, we think it's time for organisations to put IT Governance ... read more..

Preparing for Exchange 2007 - 05 Nov 2009

It is intended that this document will provide IT strategists and decision makers with an overview of the benefits, risks and challenges faced in moving to an Exchange 2007 environment and help them to prepare their organisations and infrastructures for the future. This document is not intended to provide a ... read more..

Digital Collaboration - 05 Nov 2009

Avanade believe that collaboration is an organizational capability that will become increasingly vital to business success and, further, that digital collaboration - the use of technologies to enable efficient and valuable connections among people and information - represents the area of IT with the greatest potential for improving business performance ... read more..

Mobile Phones – The New Fingerprints? - 05 Nov 2009

Mobile phones have now become an essential part of everyday life with more that 40m owned by British residents. Their constantly increasing functionality and the fact that hardly anyone goes anywhere without their mobile means that the information available on both SIM /Handset can determine more about a person's movements, ... read more..

Infrastructure Optimization - 05 Nov 2009

Explore the progression of IT systems and find guidance for improving your organization. Infrastructure Optimization serves as a gauge for IT organizations and provides a logical roadmap to progress from reactive to proactive IT service management.Infrastructure Optimization ... read more..



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