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Target CIO resignation puts retail CIOs on alert - 10 Mar 2014

From CIO Target CIO Beth Jacob has apparently fallen on her sword in the wake of the massive security breach in mid-December that compromised 40 million debit and credit cards and swept national headlines. Her resignation was rendered this week effective immediately. Fair or not, Jacob's resignation wasn't entirely surprising. 'If you look ... read more..

Warburtons ITDA case study - 01 Jul 2011

IT was able to quickly swing into action to support the business. Michael Dean speaks to Damien Ghee and Paul Egerton about Warburtons Accreditation to the National Computing Centres Standard for IT Departments. When you are the second most valuable grocery brand in the UK, you would expect the organisational statistics to ... read more..

How Random House Overcame 3 Common Enterprise Collaboration Obstacles - 30 Jun 2011

ApplicationsEnterprise collaboration tools can foster better communication and elicit transparency from business units. Here's how Random House implemented an enterprise collaboration suite, encouraged adoption and is measuring its success.Follow this link ... read more..

Delivering 'better for less' with GIS - 14 Jun 2011

geographical information systems Geographical information systems (GIS) technology has been around in some shape or form for over 40 years, helping analyse and make sense of spatial data. But today, GIS is helping solve a raft of new challenges in both the private and public sector, as it comes of ... read more..

The past, present and future of barcodes - 26 Nov 2010

technology innovation The humble technology that has become a significant part of our lives. Peter Gooding, customer applications team manager, Zebra Technologies takes a look at a technology 55 years young earlier this year. The barcode celebrated its 58th birthday on October 7. Over the years, we have grown to ... read more..

PCI - are you ready? - 23 Sep 2010

data security complianceIts not too late to start thinking about continuous PCI compliance especially when never is not an option. Rob Warmack of Tripwire provides a strategic viewThe Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) will apply to organisations in the UK from September 30 2010. However, recent research ... read more..

So that's why IT staff retention and motivation is so good at Iceland - 14 Sep 2010

Michael Dean investigates how 2.4bn turnover, sector leader Iceland Frozen Foods Ltd used NCCs IT Department Accreditation Scheme to increase IT team motivation and improve alignment of processes across the business IT. Staff turnover is low here; no-one in IT has resigned in four years! It is a sign that ... read more..

Cash is king, long live the king - and the ATM channel (OpinionWire, 16 July 2010) - 16 Jul 2010

The vision of a cashless society will not be fulfilled in the foreseeable future. Cash is expected to remain the primary method of payment by volume. Consequently, competitive banks need to maintain or expand their ATM channels. However, this needs to happen with a strong focus on efficiency as the ... read more..

Managing the fashion retail supply chain - 24 Nov 2009

Sam Jackson discusses a few key strategies to make business processes more robust and agile in the fashion retail supply chain.All over againFashion businesses have unique complications built into their business models that reflect directly on the supply chain. Trends must be identified quickly, products designed, samples created and then ... read more..

The Burden of Legacy - 12 Nov 2009

One of the most difficult challenges facing IT directors today is maintaining and upgrading legacy systems. Legacy is becoming a hot topic: research by the Gartner group show that the main concern amongst IT managers in mid-sized IT companies is integration with legacy systems.The Burden of Legacy ... read more..

Data Governance - 12 Nov 2009

This independent survey conducted by the National Computing Centre and sponsored by IBM, found that most organisations now recognise the importance of good data governance. However, few are actually implementing policies, and when policies are implemented, it is the IT department who is responsible for delivery. The report looks at: ... read more..

Unique Improvements to Business Process Management - 12 Nov 2009

The Erudine Behaviour Engine is an innovative technology for the generation and management of complex business rules. This paper examines how the unique benefits the engine can bring to projects requiring business data workflow management, and specifically Business Process Management (BPM) and Business Process Automation (BPA) systems.Unique Improvements to Business ... read more..

Unlocking Tacit Knowledge - 12 Nov 2009

The problems and issues around requirements capture and management are well documented within the IT industry. It is the defects in the requirements definition process that very often lead to failure in the successful implementation of major IT projects. We would all contend that truly successful development can only take ... read more..

Profiting from Experience - 12 Nov 2009

Programmes and projects are significant investments and key mechanisms by which business change is achieved. Yet many otherwise successful organisations fail to reap full value from this investment by not learning the lessons from this experience.Profiting from Experience ... read more..

Unlocking the Value in your Data - 12 Nov 2009

Information lies at the heart of effective management. Not only are business executives accountable for the information published to the market, but effective strategic and operational decisions rely on intelligence derived from available data. Organisations need to have access to the 'right' data to improve competitiveness, grow market share, meet ... read more..

Performance measurement - 12 Nov 2009

Given the significant costs and strategic value of IT, measuring its performance is at least as important as measuring the performance of any other key business function. Yet many organisations find IT performance measurement challenging, so they settle for measuring what they can - rather than what they want or ... read more..

Getting real alignment between business and IT - 12 Nov 2009

Achieving successful alignment of IT with the business starts with reaching an understanding and agreement between business and IT about IT's role and business contribution. This will get senior management in both IT and the business, involved and accountable for IT governance, and support the board in setting direction. True ... read more..

Developing and implementing a consistent risk management framework - 12 Nov 2009

Organisations recognise the need for risk management, and many purport to have it in place. Further investigation often reveals inconsistent and superficial processes for risk identification and management, and even inconsistent approaches to risk categorisation. Management is reassured by the belief that risk management is in place, as evidenced by ... read more..

Managing IT investment to achieve value - 12 Nov 2009

For some companies, IT budgeting can seem like a mystical art fit only for specialist accountants; for others, it's a money pit that yields few measurable benefits. The complex issues at play include visible and invisible spend, varying views on approaches such as total cost of ownership (TCO), expected lifespan ... read more..

Effective governance over third parties - 12 Nov 2009

Increasingly, organisations are handing responsibility for significant parts of their business, including IT, to third parties, often offshore. Attracted by the potential for a known cost base and greater efficiencies, working with third party vendors also carries substantial risks. The appetite for outsourcing to third parties has not decreased, despite ... read more..

Choosing and using IT governance standards - 12 Nov 2009

Standards for many aspects of business - IT included - have been available for many years. Fully embraced by some, ignored by others on the grounds that attaining and maintaining compliance is too onerous, while others choose a middle path of following the principles without certification or independent verification. Standards ... read more..

IT governance in the public sector - 12 Nov 2009

IT governance as a critical enabler to Transformational GovernmentThere is no doubt that the pace of business change has increased and will continue to do so. It is also true that opportunities for significant incremental business benefit are diminishing and that, increasingly, organisations are depending on technology to achieve the ... read more..

Developing the right organisation and resource management - 12 Nov 2009

With falling technology costs, human resources increasingly comprise the largest component of IT expenditure. As IT governance is concerned with achieving value for IT expenditure, it must focus on these human resources, as well as on the technological and financial resources. The constantly changing IT world presents particular challenges for ... read more..

Developing the right organisation and resource management - 05 Nov 2009

With falling technology costs, human resources increasingly comprise the largest component of IT expenditure. As IT governance is concerned with achieving value for IT expenditure, it must focus on these human resources, as well as on the technological and financial resources. The constantly changing IT world presents particular challenges for ... read more..

IT Governance: improving IT performance; delivering business value - 05 Nov 2009

IT Governance is a critical topic for business leaders given the significant investment and central role IT plays in today's organisations. However, IT Governance is a much misunderstood subject and means different things to different people. At Ernst Young, we think it's time for organisations to put IT Governance ... read more..

Preparing for Exchange 2007 - 05 Nov 2009

It is intended that this document will provide IT strategists and decision makers with an overview of the benefits, risks and challenges faced in moving to an Exchange 2007 environment and help them to prepare their organisations and infrastructures for the future. This document is not intended to provide a ... read more..

Digital Collaboration - 05 Nov 2009

Avanade believe that collaboration is an organizational capability that will become increasingly vital to business success and, further, that digital collaboration - the use of technologies to enable efficient and valuable connections among people and information - represents the area of IT with the greatest potential for improving business performance ... read more..

Mobile Phones – The New Fingerprints? - 05 Nov 2009

Mobile phones have now become an essential part of everyday life with more that 40m owned by British residents. Their constantly increasing functionality and the fact that hardly anyone goes anywhere without their mobile means that the information available on both SIM /Handset can determine more about a person's movements, ... read more..

Infrastructure Optimization - 05 Nov 2009

Explore the progression of IT systems and find guidance for improving your organization. Infrastructure Optimization serves as a gauge for IT organizations and provides a logical roadmap to progress from reactive to proactive IT service management.Infrastructure Optimization ... read more..

TCS OptimizeIT Benchmark, Release Funds, Leverage Value - 05 Nov 2009

Whilst the business demand and opportunities to leverage IT for competitive advantage have grown enormously, many organisations are enmeshed in IT for the 'run-the-business'. Indeed research shows that on average over 70% of IT spend goes on run-the-business and this proportion has actually grown in recent years!Accordingly, TCS has evolved ... read more..



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