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Survey says SAP HANA brings savings, and it's probably true - 08 Sep 2016

From ZDNet SAP is no stranger to the BI and big data world. Its home grown BI software, its acquisitions of Business Objects in 2007 and Sybase in 2010, and its own development of HANA and HANA Vora make it a true contender. But HANA itself has always been a ... read more..

Data scientist roles surge by 45% in 2016, UK leads the pack - 23 Aug 2016

From Information Age The demand for data scientists across Europe increased significantly during the first half of 2016, according to new data. The latest market analysis from Procorre has shown a 45% increase in the number of data scientist roles across EU countries in the last six months. As the ... read more..

Business-critical applications fail to meet firms' analytical needs - 14 Jul 2016

From The vast majority of technology professionals find that the analytics tools built-in to critical applications such as CRM and ERP are inadequate. Computing's own research recently asked a pool of UK-based technology professionals at medium to large organisations whether their business-critical applications meet current and future needs, and ... read more..

Younger IT workers believe the hype - 07 Jul 2016

From InformationWeek IT has been experiencing a bit of a generation gap between so-called digital natives, who grew up with iPhones and cloud computing, and older workers who didn't. Now, a new study from IDG Enterprise says younger workers see a lot more opportunity in big data than their older ... read more..

Microsoft SQL Server 2016 is released - 08 Jun 2016

From ZDNet Microsoft SQL Server 2016, the latest version of Redmond's core operational database, has reached GA. This release, which has been available in public preview for just over a year, is probably one of the biggest releases ever for the product. Major features have been added to the relational, ... read more..

Most big data projects aren't profitable, especially if IT is in charge - 08 Jun 2016

From The majority of big data projects don't glean sufficient insights to be labelled profitable, according to consultancy Capgemini and business intelligence company Informatica. That was one of the eye-opening findings in The Big Data Payoff report, produced by the two companies, and covering some 200 senior IT and ... read more..

Can IT keep up with big data? - 18 May 2016

From TechRepublic Though IT and its functions and responsibilities have changed over the years, there's one area that remains consistent: IT primarily focuses on major enterprise applications and on large machines whether they are mainframes or super servers. When IT deals with big data, the primary arena for it ... read more..

Microsoft SQL Server 2016 launches June 1 - 04 May 2016

From InformationWeek IT pros, mark your calendars. Microsoft has confirmed it will make the final version of its SQL Server 2016 software generally available on June 1 2016. The newest edition of Microsoft's data management and business analytics software will deliver a few significant new features previously unavailable in older ... read more..

Companies are throwing money at data scientists but don't know what to do with them, claims Lenovo - 04 May 2016

From The world's biggest PC maker Lenovo is in the market for data scientists but claims that it is competing with employers scooping up talent with big salaries, yet who don't know what to do with them once they've recruited them. That is the no-nonsense assessment of Mohammed ... read more..

UK companies could benefit by £322 billion from big data and IoT - 29 Mar 2016

From Information Age The value of big data equity in the UK was estimated at £12 billion a year or 0.7% of the annual Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in 2012. Four years flew by and the second report by the Centre for Economics and Business Research (Cebr) has put the opportunity ... read more..

Security concerns continue amid cloud adoption - 02 Mar 2016

From InformationWeek The Internet of Things (IoT) generates a lot of data, which organisations can store in the cloud. But how are they keeping it all safe? Many companies are realising they face this challenge and are ramping up efforts to improve data security as they embrace new platforms, including ... read more..

Big data projects take 18 to 24 months to deliver clear benefits - 24 Feb 2016

From UK organisations expect big data initiatives to take an average of 18 to 24 months before seeing a significant return on investment, according to research by V3's sister site Computing. An in-depth survey of hundreds of organisations asked in what period of time they expect to see a ... read more..

Does your company need a chief data officer? - 24 Feb 2016

From It's a rare business today that doesn't depend on data in some significant way, but does that mean most companies need a chief data officer? That's a question on more than a few executive minds in this big data era, particularly as analyst firms wax increasingly enthusiastic about ... read more..

Chief data officer roles must put information at the core to drive business benefits - 17 Feb 2016

From The role of chief data officer (CDO) should be based on four key areas with data at their core, according to Gartner. The analyst house said that the number of CDOs in UK companies rose from 400 to 1,000 between 2014 and 2015, underlining the growing shift to ... read more..

Intel predicts $100 million saving through big data and IoT use by 2017 - 10 Feb 2016

From Intel expects to save at least $100 million a year on manufacturing processes by 2017 thanks to the use of big data and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies. The figure was revealed in an in-depth report on the company's own IT use, which is managed by 6,319 IT ... read more..

Looking to land 2016's 'hottest job'? Here's what you need to be a data scientist - 03 Feb 2016

From Now that 'data scientist' has been named this year's hottest job, it's only natural to wonder if you've got what it takes to fill it. With a median base salary of $116,840 and top rankings from recruiting site Glassdoor for job and career opportunities, the position currently suffers ... read more..

90% of large organisations will have a chief data officer by 2019 – Gartner - 03 Feb 2016

From Information Age The race to drive competitive advantage and improved efficiency through better use of information assets is leading to a sharp rise in the number of chief data officers (CDOs), according to Gartner. As a result, the analyst firm has predicted that 90% of large companies will have ... read more..

Big data must deliver business value: Informatica CEO - 03 Feb 2016

From InformationWeek Recent studies have shown that enterprises are embracing advanced analytics and big data projects. But are they getting real value out of these efforts? Or are we headed for a period of disillusionment? Newly private Informatica has refocused on a mission to help enterprises turn their data investments ... read more..

Why 'data scientist' is this year's hottest job - 26 Jan 2016

From CIO It's notable enough that close to half of the 25 'best jobs in America' named by recruiting site Glassdoor last week are tech-related, but even more striking is the fact that 'data scientist' tops the list. With more than 1,700 active job openings on the site earlier this ... read more..

'Companies will stop hiring data scientists when they realise that the majority bring no value' says data scientist - 04 Nov 2015

From Data scientists need to stop playing around and start delivering a measurable return for their organisation, or their jobs will be on the line. That's the view of Gianmario Spacagna, a data scientist for customer and retail banking at Barclays in London, who believes that many of his ... read more..

Do your security homework before storing big data in the cloud - 19 Aug 2015

From TechRepublic A majority of big data originates beyond enterprise walls and systems of records (SOR). This data streams in from corporate websites; it emanates from machines and sensors; and in still other cases, it's captured from the internet. Since so much internet and Internet of Things (IoT) data enters ... read more..

SAP previews new analytics tools for IT, business users - 17 Jun 2015

From Computerworld UK IT departments and line-of-business users will have access to a set of new tools. IT departments will soon be able to deploy SAP's IT Operations Analytics tool that's designed to help manage modern data centres. Announced on a conference call about analytics for the SAP community, the new offering ... read more..

Business and IT leaders disagree on the future of data - 17 Jun 2015

From Information Age More than two-thirds (71%) of corporate leaders recognise the importance of data to their companies but only 11% have actually generated financial value, according to new research. Conducted by OnePoll in May 2015, the survey of 500 chief executives revealed stark and worrying differences in how data is perceived, ... read more..

Hadoop big data adoption fails to live up to hype, says Gartner - 19 May 2015

From Computerworld UK Gartner research shows that more than half of companies have no current plans to adopt Hadoop-based data analytics, despite large firms like British Airways and Marks Spencer being big fans of the technology. Gartner's 2015 Hadoop Adoption Study has found that investment remains 'tentative' in the face of ... read more..

EMC takes aim at big data analytics with latest solution - 25 Mar 2015

From IT Pro EMC has launched the Federation Business Data Lake, a product that merges storage and big data analytics technologies so organisations can more effectively collect, analyse and act on key business information quickly and easily. The solution can be implemented in just seven days, EMC claims, as it makes use ... read more..

Why most businesses are failing to draw value from big data - 19 Feb 2015

From Information Age The capability to blend information from data centres, cloud apps and even Excel spreadsheets on desktops is vital. With surging quantities of business data, leaders must free their analysts with the proper tools and processes to deliver insights in minutes or hours, rather than the days or even ... read more..

UK big data jobs scarcer than other IT roles but command highest salaries - 11 Feb 2015

From Vacancies for people with big data skills in the UK were fewer than in other IT job areas, but salaries are typically higher, according to the Tech Cities Job Watch Report by recruitment firm Experis. The report looks at the hiring demand and salaries within 10 UK cities that are ... read more..

The era of big data won’t materialise without fast data - 06 Jan 2015

From Information Age Big data has become quite the buzzword as of late, and most people in the business world are at least somewhat familiar with the concept. Yet, relatively few are familiar with the term 'fast data'. But they should be size, after all, is only part of the equation. ... read more..

Warning for big data over EU Data Protection Directive - 15 Dec 2014

From The forthcoming EU Data Protection Directive will drastically ratchet up the regulation of private data throughout Europe, with laws more tightly harmonised across the continent and even the possibility that they might be applied on an extra-territorial basis. The proposed Directive will also have an impact along the supply chain. ... read more..

Why IT professionals are going back to school for big data - 03 Dec 2014

From Information Age In the past decade, the information technology and engineering fields have transformed dramatically through a torrent of technological advances and innovations. One area that has seen exponential growth during this time period is in the field of big data, which allows organisations to better store, manage, analyse and share ... read more..



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