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The growing use of mobile technology – also known as ‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD) – is revolutionising the operations of many organisations, helping to save costs, improving business efficiency and enabling more staff to work remotely. The trend has been driven by employees who are accustomed to having the latest technology in their personal lives, bringing that expectation to work and using new devices like smartphones and tablets to replace outdated technology in order to improve their personal productivity and user enjoyment. As a result, many companies have moved from blocking these devices to embracing the change. But companies are also struggling with the major problems involved in BYOD: it is difficult for businesses to manage and monitor what data is coming into or leaving the organisation, leaving them vulnerable to security breaches or attacks. To address this, organisations are responding strategically, rapidly and formally. They are considering the impact of BYOD by carrying out a comprehensive risk assessment, deciding on a strategic approach and putting in place a formal device management programme and specific technical and behavioural controls. 


Tablets: why businesses are falling in love with them - 01 Dec 2016

From ZDNet Are businesses finally falling in love with tablets, just as consumers fall out of love with them? According to figures from IDC, 8.2 million tablets were shipped into Western Europe in the third quarter of this year, a 6.7% decline year-on-year. But while sales of consumer tablets dropped, ... read more..

Just how 'pro' are the new MacBook Pro and Surface Studio? Not very... - 04 Nov 2016

From ZDNet We've known what 'professional' computers have looked like for at least 40 years and neither the new Apple MacBook Pro 15 nor Microsoft's Surface Studio fit the bill. Both products sacrifice performance, functionality and upgradability for appearance. This is not to say they can't be used for professional ... read more..

Google destroys the Android fan myth that the iPhone is too expensive - 11 Oct 2016

From ZDNet For years the Android fanboy argument has been that the iPhone is too expensive and that Android offers them a way to get a high-end smartphone for a fraction of the price. Google just destroyed that argument with the Pixel and the Pixel XL. Almost anyone can make ... read more..

Mobile devices are hindering IT departments and costing companies - 30 Sep 2016

From Information Age In the BYOD era mobile devices are becoming an increasing presence in the workplace. Bringing your own device is advantageous in a business sense. Employers and employees can stay constantly connected, and can produce work from anywhere in the world (within reason). The ability to be always ... read more..

iPhone 7: what business users need to know - 22 Sep 2016

From TechRepublic The iPhone 7 is officially here. At an Apple event in California (September 7, coincidentally), the phone was unveiled by Tim Cook and the crew amid a variety of Apple announcements. The first mention of the new device came in a now deleted tweet that read: 'New cameras. ... read more..

IT security needs to move to ‘people-centric' practices - 22 Sep 2016

From SC Magazine Gartner analyst Dionsio Zumerle spoke at the Gartner Security Risk Management Summit about the state of mobile security, focusing on the idea that IT security needs to move to 'people-centric' security practices when it comes to managing mobile devices in the enterprise. Zumerle said: 'All too ... read more..

No roaming fees next year (* as long as you don't roam much) - 08 Sep 2016

From CIO There'll be no more roaming fees for European Union mobile phone subscribers next June as long as they don't roam for too long. The European Commission announced with great fanfare last year that it would entirely abolish the surcharges for using a mobile phone network outside the ... read more..

Android 7.0 Nougat: what business users need to know and when it's coming - 23 Aug 2016

From TechRepublic On Monday, Google officially rolled out Android 7.0 Nougat to some Nexus devices. The update brings useful tools for business users who rely on an Android device to get work done. Like all recent Android updates, Android 7.0 is coming to newer Nexus devices first. That means current ... read more..

Why Google plans to stop supporting your Chromebook after five years - 23 Aug 2016

From CIO One of the best things about Chromebooks is that they're built to last. Thanks to automatic security and feature updates from Google, along with a lightweight browser-based operating system, long-time users may find that their laptops run as well, if not better, than they did on day one. ... read more..

Pokemon Go: is it a BYOD security nightmare? - 03 Aug 2016

From TechRepublic Niantic Labs continues to improve on the security of Pokemon Go, but that doesn't mean the risks are gone. Server hacks, permissions being secretly granted and malware-infested clone apps are all out there. BYOD offices need to be prepared for all potential risks. Let's make one thing clear: ... read more..

BlackBerry unveils the DTEK50, claims it's 'world's most secure Android smartphone' - 28 Jul 2016

From ZDNet Less than a year after releasing the Priv, BlackBerry is rolling out its second Android-powered smartphone. Called the DTEK50, the device is being touted as 'the world's most secure Android smartphone' on the market. As expected, the DTEK50 comes with a slew of security features BlackBerry is known ... read more..

Apple winning the enterprise security race, Samsung makes push - 07 Jul 2016

From ZDNet The use of Samsung devices in the enterprise is approaching Apple levels, according to a Tech Pro Research survey. But the perception of how the vendors fare on security clearly leans in Apple's favour. In this month's special report on mobile security, we've picked apart the state of ... read more..

Is Device as a Service the future of workplace IT? - 07 Jul 2016

From TechRepublic HP Inc has launched a service to buy and manage fleets of PCs, phones, tablets and other devices for firms. Companies will be able to sign up for an HP Device as a Service (DaaS) contract that will see the HP purchase, deploy, manage and dispose of the ... read more..

HP laptop batteries could pose a fire hazard - 23 Jun 2016

From HP has announced that some of its laptops need to be recalled because of faulty batteries that could pose a fire hazard. A statement on its website said: 'The affected batteries were shipped with specific HP, Compaq, HP ProBook, HP Envy, Compaq Presario and HP Pavilion notebook computers ... read more..

iOS 10 will make 40% of all iPads obsolete - 15 Jun 2016

From ZDNet Here's an interesting fact: every iPad that Apple had sold, with the exception of the iPad 1 (which first went on sale in April 2010 and was discontinued a year later, and over that time some 15 million units were sold), can run the latest iOS release. At ... read more..

UK staff confident in their company mobile security - 25 May 2016

From Information Age More than three-quarters (77%) of employees in UK businesses are not concerned about security issues when using their company mobile phone, according to research. The figure was higher than the European average (74%) in the study, but lower than Germany (82%). This finding is a key indicator ... read more..

A quarter of Windows devices open to hack - 18 May 2016

From IT Pro A quarter of all Windows devices, including tablets, computers and smartphones, are open to 700 vulnerabilities because enterprises have failed to update Internet Explorer (IE) at a company-wide level. Duo Security revealed the statistic as part of its Trusted Access 2016 report, which also found 72% of ... read more..

Big four UK mobile phone companies are selling sensitive data with no customer opt-out, warns privacy campaigner - 18 May 2016

From The big four UK mobile phone companies are selling potentially sensitive data to third parties without seeking the explicit consent of their customers and failing to provide any obvious way of opting out. That's the contention of social entrepreneur and privacy campaigner Geoff Revill, who has studied the ... read more..

Report shows a measurable link between mobile and better business performance - 29 Apr 2016

From Information Age 'Mobile first' has become a popular mantra among business leaders, but it's not always easy to prove the impact of mobile strategies. Now a new study has established a measurable link between 'mobile first' working environments and increase in employee engagement, proving that CIOs can drive increased ... read more..

IT pros fear encryption backdoors - 29 Apr 2016

From InformationWeek Amid federal and state bills written to weaken computer security by mandating backdoors that bypass encryption, IT pros are alarmed at the prospect of security made insecure, according to a report released by IT services firm Spiceworks. In a survey of 600 IT professionals from North America, Europe, ... read more..

Employees’ use of personal devices puts firms at risk of malware infection, says report - 20 Apr 2016

From Six-in-ten UK employees are putting their businesses at risk of malware infection by using their personal devices to access corporate networks and illegal pirated content, a study has revealed. Although 80% of those accessing the content consider the personal security risks of doing so, only 60% consider the ... read more..

Apple wins the battle for enterprise hearts and minds - 16 Apr 2016

From When IDC and Gartner tell us PC sales are slumping while Apple's remain steady you know something's changed. They've changed dramatically, according to the latest data from JAMF Software's latest survey, which shows that 75% of employees will choose a Mac if they get the opportunity to choose. ... read more..

Apple at 40: top 10 world-changing inventions – iPhone, iOS, iPad and iPod - 05 Apr 2016

From Apple has turned 40. It's been an eventful four decades for the firm, lurching from near demise in the 1980s to becoming the world's most profitable company thanks to a hit factory of devices since the turn of the millennium. V3 has put together a list of what ... read more..

One-fifth of IT pros say their companies had mobile data breach - 05 Apr 2016

From CIO IT pros have long been concerned about the potential for security breaches with increased employee use of mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets owned by workers who bring in their own devices from home. A new survey of 882 IT professionals has quantified those concerns, revealing that one ... read more..

iPhone SE now on pre-order from £359 for 16GB model - 29 Mar 2016

From Apple's new 4in iPhone SE is now up for pre-order at £359 for the 16GB model and £439 for the 64GB model. The device will go on sale from 31 March in the UK, Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, Singapore, US Virgin Islands ... read more..

No, tablets aren't going to replace PCs in the office – but here's something that might - 29 Mar 2016

From ZDNet Apple thinks its new iPad Pro would make a great replacement for the 600 million or so ageing PCs out there. That's a pretty ambitious target and one that it's unlikely to hit, especially when it comes to business PCs. There are some good reasons for that ... read more..

Augmented and virtual reality: an IT leader's introduction - 29 Mar 2016

From TechRepublic 'Virtual reality will grow, just as the telegraph grew to the telephone as the radio to the TV it will be everywhere.' While the above quote may sound like it was pulled from a recent analyst report on the emergence of augmented reality (AR) and virtual ... read more..

Google: we'll pay $100,000 if you can hack a Chromebook remotely - 17 Mar 2016

From ZDNet Google has put up a $100,000 reward for anyone who can find a way to hack its Chromebook over the web. The move doubles last year's top reward of $50,000, available exclusively for attacks that achieve a persistent compromise on a Chromebook in 'guest mode', meaning the attacker's ... read more..

iOS 9.3 will aim at business users with boosted IT admin controls - 09 Mar 2016

From Apple's forthcoming iOS 9.3 release will give IT administrators control over employees' iPhone home screen layouts and downloaded apps. Developer Steve Troughton-Smith spotted the business-focused features in Apple's recently updated Configuration Profile Reference document that details plans to introduce a tool to enable IT managers to enforce a ... read more..

Business tech is dragging behind consumer tech, say UK workers - 02 Mar 2016

From Information Age Technology at work must catch up with what we're using in our personal lives, according to 72% of today's workforce. The study examined the attitudes and expectations of 5,000 workers and 2,500 teenagers and revealed a large disconnect between the expectations of young people and the realities ... read more..



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