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69% of office professionals in the UK hoard data - 30 Sep 2016

From SC Magazine Over three-quarters (77%) of IT decision makers worldwide are now more concerned about the impact of data hoarding than they were a year ago. New research from Veritas was conducted among 10,022 global office professionals and ITDMs across 13 countries to look into how individuals manage data. ... read more..

What's really new in SharePoint 2016? - 01 Jun 2016

From CIO The SharePoint community has reacted with enthusiasm to Microsoft's roadmap for SharePoint 2016, even though much of it is familiar to anyone who's been using SharePoint for a while. It's so confusingly familiar, in fact, that you may find yourself asking whether that wasn't what SharePoint already did ... read more..

CIOs at ECM tipping point as cloud matures - 23 Apr 2015

From Information Age In a recent Information Age article, AIIM CEO John Mancini argued we are on the cusp of a new of enterprise content management (ECM) where massive changes (cloud being a central element) are on the horizon and little best practice exists to know how to manage them. ... read more..

Coping with content chaos - 18 Nov 2013

From IT Adviser The bring your own device (BYOD) trend continues to stir a strong debate, but there is one thing we can all agree on BYOD is here to stay and we are just now starting to understand the impact. Enter content chaos. Gartner predicts that by 2017 about half ... read more..

One in four admit employees use ‘unofficial’ cloud file-sharing - 28 May 2013

From Information Age A quarter of organisations admit that their employees are using 'unofficial', cloud-based file-sharing services to share content and collaborate, according to a survey by information management professional body AIIM. AIIM surveyed over 500 of its members to gauge the current state of content management. It found that 9% of ... read more..

Designing IT with analytics in mind - 28 Apr 2013

From Information Age Technology trends come and go, but the need for information is constant. 50-plus years into the digital revolution, and 'information' is still a strategic concern for IT leaders. Indeed, analyst company Gartner lists 'information' among the 'Nexus of Forces' currently shaping the IT industry, alongside newcomers cloud, mobile and ... read more..

Microsoft SharePoint faces tough future, Forrester says - 11 Feb 2013

From Despite strong support from IT pros, SharePoint faces increased scepticism from business leaders and it's unclear whether the collaboration product will deliver cloud, social and mobile advancements needed for future growth. Those are some of the findings from a new Forrester Research study published last week titled SharePoint Enters Its ... read more..

Oracle Strategy Emphasises Simplicity and Innovation (OpinionWire 1 June 2012) - 01 Jun 2012

T-Systems on Cloud 7.0T-Systems kicked off the telco journey into cloud services in 2004, when it formed the development teams that would launch its first Dynamic Services products from 2005. T-Systems next stage in development of cloud services is to productise the applications software platforms that it has built for ... read more..

Oracle Clarifies its Cloud Strategy (OpinionWire 25 May 2012) - 25 May 2012

Long-Term Retention of Content Still an Issue for OrganisationsFrom attending Ovum Information Management events it is clear that the long-term preservation of information is still an issue for many organisations in both the private and public sectors. This is something that organisations must address if they are to ensure that ... read more..

Enterprise Content Management 2011/2012 (Ovum Technology Evaluation and Comparison Report) - 24 May 2012

Driving business value from content managementApril 2012CatalystSocial networks, wikis, blogs and content stored on mobile devices are just some of the many new sources of content that are contributing to the growth in the amount of enterprise content. In addition, organisations are handling higher volumes of paper-based documents, which are ... read more..

Cloud Helps Enterprises Adapt to a Post-Desktop World (OpinionWire 13 April 2012) - 16 Apr 2012

Big Data Creates Demand for Analytics SkillsThe emergence of big data promises to create IT jobs, with business intelligence (BI) and analytics expertise the key drivers. As big data increasingly becomes part of corporate IT strategies and infrastructure, organisations will be on the lookout for specialist analytics skills to unlock ... read more..

CIOs Must Usher Cloud into the Government Pigeon Coop (OpinionWire 17 February 2012) - 16 Feb 2012

Information SecurityInformation security is now a challenge throughout the enterprise, and not just at gateways on the edge of networks. In particular the use of a large number of diverse types of endpoint devices is making the endpoint one of the most vulnerable pieces of the entire enterprise IT infrastructure. ... read more..

No. 7: Collaboration - 08 Feb 2012

A collection of recent NCC research, thought leadership articles, events, webinars and videos, to help those interested in professional development get up to speed with the key management issues in the use of collaboration tools including social media, SharePoint, workflow and BPM software.These technologies promise to help us collaborate ... read more..

Mobile devices are being used to prevent fraud (OpinionWire 11 March 2011) - 14 Mar 2011

Mobile devices are being used to prevent fraudThe growing use of mobile devices for a whole range of business and private applications provides many advantages. However, while we all appreciate the benefits of instant access to information on the move, there are often security implications that need to be addressed. ... read more..

CMS is the hot topic for 2011 (OpinionWire 4 March 2011) - 07 Mar 2011

CMS is the hot topic for 2011Ovum participated in Danish-headquartered J Boye's inaugural European CMS Expert Group in London in February 2011. This non-competitive community of practice intends to draw together the lessons and best practices around content management systems (CMSs), particularly their deployment, to enable organizations to get the ... read more..

SharePoint 2010 - Putting together the business case - 15 Feb 2011

15 February 2011 Networking Seminar Download the PDF presentation slides: The Business Case For SharePoint 2010 - Ian Woodgate SharePoint 2010Putting together the business case - Stephen Fox In the last three years, the adoption of Microsoft SharePoint as an IT infrastructure platform has been ... read more..

Customer Relationship Management (Ovum Technology Evaluation and Comparison Report) - 26 Oct 2010

Driving value from next generation CRM October 2010 Catalyst As the main conduit between a business and its customers, customer relationship management (CRM) solutions continue to be an area of strategic importance both technically and strategically, and often are the first enterprise application area where new business practices and technologies ... read more..

Case management is the new transactional content management (OpinionWire, 30 July 2010) - 02 Aug 2010

Case management is the new term for what was previously called transactional content management (TCM) by enterprise content management (ECM) vendors. This change of name is important because case management is also the term used to describe the way in which employees handle their workloads in particular industries, for example ... read more..

Attitude Key to Success of the Digital Economy Bill - 23 Apr 2010

John Lovelock, Chief Executive of FAST IiS (the Federation Against Software Theft and Investors in Software), discusses possible threats to the digital economy. The digital economy has received much publicity over the last year, and especially the last few weeks. The Governments Digital Britain Report has led to the Digital ... read more..

Records Management in SharePoint 2010 - 29 Jan 2010

Interest and deployment of SharePoint keeps on growing this trend will continue with the recent announcement of SharePoint 2010. The latest version of this versatile collaboration tool delivers a more robust and feature rich solution set, but is SharePoint 2010 right for you? We are running a series of ... read more..

Top ten tips: Ten common problems with ECM deployments – and how to avoid them - 25 Nov 2009

ECM has the power to transform employee productivity, drive down costs and reduce the carbon footprint for any organisation. But many organisations have yet to achieve maximum value from the investment. From clearly defining corporate expectations up front, to ensuring user buy-in, only the right approach can ensure that organisations ... read more..

What’s New in Microsoft SharePoint 2010? - 25 Nov 2009

In November Microsoft released a beta version of SharePoint 2010. This is the fourth version of SharePoint, and the product is showing its maturity with a lot of improvements from the 2007 version. Indeed, whether or not you currently have SharePoint, 2010 is worth a serious look, and in this ... read more..

Towards SRM - 30 Sep 2009

Cirquent's Tim Haigh explains why customer relationship management is evolving to become 'stakeholder' relationship management. Relatively few companies have incorporated customer relationship management technologies effectively, even though the concept has been around for a long time now. Many early adopters failed to implement often highly complex and costly systems successfully, with ... read more..

If You Can't Measure It, You Can't Manage It! - 30 Sep 2009

Gone are the days of a year or so ago where businesses were frivolously splashing the cash on anything from office parties to new offices and bonuses. Even IT was making the most of the spending game, pouring a considerable amount of money into servers, storage and other infrastructure without ... read more..

Top Ten Tips for Implementing Microsoft SharePoint - 29 Sep 2009

SharePoint is a powerful product but a careful and considered approach is needed for a successful implementation. Ian Woodgate from PointBeyond shares his top 10 tips to help your organisation avoid some of the pitfalls commonly seen. Choosing to implement SharePoint is a ... read more..

INDUSTRY NEWS: Autumn 2009 - 29 Sep 2009

RD investment still exists in West Midlands! Despite the majority of ICT businesses in the West Midlands region employing fewer than ten people, almost 500 of them are engaging in research and development, according to a survey by the West Midlands ICT cluster. Even during the recession, 33 percent of the 1,503 ... read more..

The Future of Publishing on the Web? - 01 Apr 2002

How often do you need access to ... read more..



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