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Cost Containment

Businesses need to put more focus on internal IT services - 11 Oct 2016

From Businesses are not investing enough in improving internal company services which could lead to rising costs, lower productivity and unhappy staff. Enterprises are investing in automating and streamlining customer services but are neglecting the services they offer staff, who have high expectations because they are used to consumer ... read more..

Software waste costs US and UK $34 billion, says report - 22 Sep 2016

From ZDNet The current tally of software waste costs US companies $247 per user, or $28 billion, according to a study by 1E, which makes application management tools. Software waste is defined as an application that is deployed to a desktop but not used. 1E's software usage and waste report ... read more..

No roaming fees next year (* as long as you don't roam much) - 08 Sep 2016

From CIO There'll be no more roaming fees for European Union mobile phone subscribers next June as long as they don't roam for too long. The European Commission announced with great fanfare last year that it would entirely abolish the surcharges for using a mobile phone network outside the ... read more..

Survey says SAP HANA brings savings, and it's probably true - 08 Sep 2016

From ZDNet SAP is no stranger to the BI and big data world. Its home grown BI software, its acquisitions of Business Objects in 2007 and Sybase in 2010, and its own development of HANA and HANA Vora make it a true contender. But HANA itself has always been a ... read more..

Three ways to cut software costs – Gartner - 21 Jul 2016

From Information Age Many organisations can cut spending on software by as much as 30% by implementing three software licence optimisation best practices, according to Gartner. The keys to reducing software licence spending are application configuration optimisation, recycling software licences and software asset management (SAM) tools, the analyst firm said. ... read more..

Cloud services cheaper and more reliable than on-prem - 23 Jun 2016

From SC Magazine Nick Ioannou, head of IT for the Ratcliffe Groves Partnership (RGP), told a crowd at Cloud and DevOps World 2016 that despite his company being a smaller sized business, by using a combination of 26 different cloud-based services, his company has IT power which means it can ... read more..

Government competition chiefs demand fairer use terms for cloud storage customers - 01 Jun 2016

From Google and Microsoft are among the major cloud providers yet to commit to the government's push for fairer terms and conditions for online storage customers. The government-backed Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) is calling on cloud storage firms to commit to introducing fairer terms and conditions for customers. ... read more..

Forecast decline in global IT spending will force CIOs to get smart with budgets - 16 Apr 2016

From Economic uncertainties are forcing IT leaders to 'tighten their belts' when it comes to technology spending in 2016, challenging them to find ways to pursue digital transformation on limited budgets. The latest forecast from Gartner said that IT spending across the world will reach $3.49 trillion in 2016, ... read more..

Moving to open source databases can see savings of 90% - 21 Mar 2016

From Enterprises could save up to 90% on licensing costs by moving away from incumbent proprietary databases to an open source alternative, according to Frank Fanzilli, independent board director at PostgreSQL vendor EnterpriseDB and board director of the Linux Foundation. Fanzilli, former global CIO at Credit Suisse First Boston, ... read more..

Skype for Business will give businesses Surface Hub-like collaboration on a budget - 17 Mar 2016

From CIO Microsoft wants to help businesses bring their meeting rooms into the future of videoconferencing without spending a whole lot of dough. That's why it announced two new Skype for Business initiatives aimed at getting existing technology connected to its work communications service. The first, codenamed Project Rigel, is ... read more..

Can you use the Raspberry Pi 3 as your work PC? - 17 Mar 2016

From TechRepublic The Raspberry Pi 3 is a $35 computer that is on the cusp of challenging the modern PC. The bump to the processing power of the latest machine has, according to its co-creator, elevated its performance to a point where it can comfortably be used as a desktop ... read more..

Enterprise IoT: a cost-cutter today, a money-maker tomorrow - 09 Mar 2016

From The Internet of Things has made many enterprises more efficient. This year it will start making them more competitive. IoT covers a collection of technologies almost as wide as the internet and the range of uses is even more broad. Some just help you run your business better, ... read more..

Lumia 650: the £150 budget phone aimed at business users - 17 Feb 2016

From IT Pro Microsoft's latest smartphone, the Lumia 650, will start at 150, embracing enterprises and consumers in search of a low-cost device. Lumia 650 is among a handful of Lumia handsets running Windows 10, and includes a number of enterprise-focused features such as Microsoft Office and the new productivity ... read more..

Intel predicts $100 million saving through big data and IoT use by 2017 - 10 Feb 2016

From Intel expects to save at least $100 million a year on manufacturing processes by 2017 thanks to the use of big data and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies. The figure was revealed in an in-depth report on the company's own IT use, which is managed by 6,319 IT ... read more..

Windows Server 2016 could cost you more than you think - 03 Feb 2016

From CIO A few years ago, Microsoft switched from per-processor to per-core licensing in SQL Server, and it's about to do the same with Windows Server 2016. You may not be thrilled with the results. 'Microsoft's auditors likely will have a field day with these new requirements for Windows Server, ... read more..

Macs replacing PCs across enterprise at ‘unprecedented rate', survey claims - 15 Dec 2015

From Apple is on the cusp of gaining the kind of market command it has not held in over 20 years, with 67% of enterprise IT professionals believing the Mac will 'cut into PC share over the next three years', according to a JAMF Software survey. An IDC chart ... read more..

Public sector CIO claims 40% cost saving from virtual desktop deployment - 18 Nov 2015

From The Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) is deploying Citrix desktop virtualisation software and other tools in a move that will save 3 million a year while boosting efficiency and flexibility for mobile workers. The announcement comes after it was revealed that Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines has ... read more..

Nearly 70% of tech spending is wasted - 04 Nov 2015

From CNBC Large companies often spend a good deal of money on cultivating their technology, but a new study suggests nearly 70% of what they spend may be misallocated. In a study, Genpact Research Institute recently found that, of nearly $600 billion spent on digital projects, almost $400 billion of ... read more..

Despite stingy budgets, IT still finds ways to bolster business - 04 Nov 2015

From InfoWorld Gains in automation and reliability are having an impact on how IT departments are spending their money, according to data from two independent sources. The Hackett Group, a management consulting firm, says its benchmark data shows the cost of supporting one end user or employee in a business ... read more..

Mac users need less IT support - 21 Oct 2015

From InformationWeek Could you cut costs by giving employees Apple devices instead of PCs? IBM's Mac programme seems to suggest yes. IBM began an internal deployment of MacBook laptops in June 2015, reports AppleInsider. Its goal is to roll out 50,000 Macs by year's end, which will bring total IBM ... read more..

Hard disk failure prediction research may save IT time and money - 30 Sep 2015

From TechRepublic Predicting when hard disks will fail is an inexact science, but a researcher from the University of Nebraska may be close to making it more accurate. Enterprise storage arrays, whether arranged in SAN, NAS or object configurations, can contain dozens or hundreds of individual hard disks. More precise ... read more..

Stop wasting your IT budget on the wrong security threats - 22 Sep 2015

From TechRepublic At the 2015 Black Hat conference, a survey of security professionals in attendance revealed that their three major concerns were attacks specifically targeting their organisations, phishing and social engineering schemes, and accidental leaks by end users. But that's not reflected in how these same security pros use their ... read more..

Public sector IT needs shake-up - 16 Sep 2015

From Without an overhaul of public sector IT, the government will fail to deliver the savings needed, according to a report by Civica. The report, entitled Enabling a new world of public service delivery, calls for an increase in the 'public sector's data IQ' through better use of data, ... read more..

Is Office 365 really cheaper than going open source? - 09 Sep 2015

From TechRepublic At first glance, the claim your business could make substantial savings by switching from free open source software to a subscription-based service might seem unlikely. Yet that is what a Microsoft-commissioned report argues, predicting the cloud-based productivity suite Office 365 could be almost 80% cheaper than relying on ... read more..

Trillion-dollar world trade deal aims to make IT products cheaper - 28 Jul 2015

From CIO A new global trade agreement that eliminates tariffs on more than 200 kinds of IT products should result in lower prices to technology buyers around the world as it is implemented over the next three years. The tentative deal, struck on Friday at a World Trade Organisation meeting ... read more..

Your IT security team is flying blind on malware. Here's why - 21 Jul 2015

From SC Magazine A new report from The Ponemon Institute reveals that security staff spend a significant portion of their time chasing up 'false positive' malware alerts, with faulty cyber intelligence to blame. The Cost of Malware Containment report, which was commissioned by Damballa, found that security teams spend on average 272 ... read more..

IT sits at the heart of inefficiencies costing each UK business an average salary - 08 Jul 2015

From Information Age In the midst of every UK boardroom there is a steadfast topic on the agenda making the business more efficient. In a competitive marketplace efficiency is always central to a company remaining competitive and standing out from the crowd, but where to start? For those responsible for researching ... read more..

CIOs warned of IT overspending risks as US dollar strength grows - 01 Jul 2015

From CIOs could end up accidently overspending on IT in 2015, according to Gartner, as the strengthening US dollar prompts suppliers to covertly hike the cost of products to account for the shortfall in exchange rates. The warning comes as the analyst house made public its prediction that worldwide IT spending ... read more..

Growing cyber threats challenging cost reduction as reason to use managed services - 17 Jun 2015

From Over a third of IT operations at mid-sized companies will move to an outsourced managed service over the next five years, as IT directors seek security as well as cost reductions. Outsourcing to save money is still the main motivation for taking up a managed service, but businesses that lack ... read more..

Cost cutting still draining IT outsourcing budgets against CIO wishes - 05 May 2015

From More than half of IT directors believe money spent with IT outsourcing suppliers is focused on cost cutting, despite only 21% of the same group citing cost cutting as the most important role for suppliers, according to research by software firm MooD International. The research revealed 48% of IT directors ... read more..



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