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Disaster Recovery

UK businesses expect cyber attack recovery to cost at least £1.2 million - 17 Feb 2016

From More than half of UK businesses expect to be hit by a cyber attack and that recovery costs will be £1.2 million or more, a study has revealed. This is the highest figure globally, according to the Risk:Value 2016 report by information security and risk management company NTT Com Security. The ... read more..

Unrealistic expectations about IT outages put pressure on IT teams - 21 Oct 2015

From Business managers' unrealistic views on how long the organisation can survive without its IT systems puts unnecessary pressure on IT teams, according to a report. The report by IT services firm Databarracks, which surveyed more than 400 IT leaders, found that while IT managers estimated that their organisations ... read more..

Half of SMEs have no breach prevention or recovery plan - 14 Jul 2015

From SC Magazine Half of small businesses in the UK (52%) are not taking any preventative measures to protect themselves against cyber crime despite increased awareness of data breaches and 68% have no disaster recovery or business continuity plan in place. They don't understand that they are as much at risk ... read more..

The top five data admin errors costing companies millions – and how to fix them - 09 Jun 2015

From Information Age Despite the miracles of automation in the enterprise world, old-fashioned human error is still the Achilles' heel in many organisations' IT set-ups, data recovery specialist Kroll Ontrack has warned. Far from being easier to manage without human intervention, the growing complexity of enterprise storage environments means companies need to ... read more..

Do you know where your data is? Too many companies don't - 28 Apr 2015

From Information Age Do you know where your data is? How much of it leaves the business each evening on personal devices or is accessed remotely from insecure laptops, or how easy is it to recover deleted data from the cloud? Do you understand the risks involved in implementing (or simply ... read more..

IT failures cost average of £410,000 – but half could easily be avoided, warns KPMG - 09 Dec 2014

From An IT failure costs an organisation an average of £410,000 per incident, but half of the issues that bring businesses grinding to a halt could be classed as avoidable. That is according to a new report, titled the Technology Risk Radar, released by professional services firm KPMG, which examined IT ... read more..

IT departments under pressure to speed up data recovery, finds Veeam - 09 Dec 2014

From IT Pro Application downtime is costing businesses £1.3 million a year as IT departments fail to recover data quickly enough, according to Veeam. The backup firm found that 82% of the 760 CIOs it questioned are unable to meet business needs for always-on access to IT services, losing their companies an ... read more..

Total internet failure: are you prepared? - 22 Jul 2014

From A total internet failure is the one thing that could stop any business in its tracks, yet few are preparing for this possibility, consultancy KPMG has warned. Stephen Bonner, partner in information protection and business resilience at KPMG, said this could happen within the next five years as the number ... read more..

Putting disaster recovery into action when revellers strike - 07 Feb 2014

From Infrastructure managers are no strangers to worrying about disaster. Preparing for eventualities such as fires, floods and power cuts goes with the territory. Most, however, don't spend too much time thinking about protecting their servers from drunken revellers. So when Jon Helgason, IT manager for Icelandic software development and IT ... read more..

UK firms lag behind US and China in IT maturity - 25 Nov 2013

From IT Pro UK firms are less confident than their US and Chinese counterparts about averting and responding to unplanned downtime, security breaches and data loss incidents. This is according to EMC's Global IT Trust Curve survey into the attitudes of 3,200 senior executives from 16 countries about the ability of their ... read more..

Databarracks and NCC launch Guidelines paper for ‘Disaster Recovery in the Cloud’ - 22 Apr 2013

From Databarracks Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provider, Databarracks (, in association with the National Computing Centre (NCC), has launched the Guidelines for 'Disaster Recovery in the Cloud', aimed at providing practical advice on disaster recovery (DR) when using cloud services. As computing moves away from the onsite server room model to ... read more..

Databarracks and NCC launch Guidelines paper for ‘Disaster Recovery in the Cloud’ - 18 Apr 2013

Media release Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provider, Databarracks (, in association with the National Computing Centre (NCC), has launched the Guidelines for 'Disaster Recovery in the Cloud', aimed at providing practical advice on disaster recovery (DR) when using cloud services. As computing moves away from the onsite server room model to ... read more..

Managing data lifecycle in the enterprise and the cloud (British Library, London) - 13 Feb 2012

8 February 2012, Networking Seminar Whilst the economic climate remains challenging, data backup and DR technologies and services are now mature, so here's where you start your journey to cloud computing. This briefing will provide a perspective that will enable your business to move forward. Download the presentation slides ... read more..

Managing data risk in the enterprise and the Cloud - Event Summary - 11 Jul 2011

7 July 2011, The British Library, London Information governance and the management of data is no longer just the concern of the IT department but has become a key corporate and commercial issue. Never more has it been true to consider information as the lifeblood of the organisation. We ... read more..

Delivering the Flexible Enterprise - Event Summary - 08 Jul 2011

The Mint Hotel, Manchester, 6 July 2011Pressures remain on IT budgets and will do so for the foreseeable future it is time for organisations to think more strategically about the role and impact of technology to deliver true business transformation with improvements to the bottom line the current steady ... read more..

Managing data risk in the enterprise and the cloud (The British Library, London) - 07 Jul 2011

7 July 2011 Download the presentations Introduction (141KB PDF) Ian Jones, NCC Managing data in the era of the cloud (5.4MB PDF) Gareth Fraser-King, Head of Global Technical Enablement Symantec and Cloud ... read more..

The top 5 tips to survive a cloud computing disaster (ZDNet webinar) - 30 Jun 2011

InfrastructureAs more and more businesses of all types and sizes continue moving to the cloud for a wide range of IT solutions, the risks from a failure at any of the many cloud computing providers becomes even more important to business and IT professionals. In fact, a series of recent ... read more..

No.1: Security, Information Assurance and Continuity - 17 Jun 2011

A collection of recent NCC research, thought leadership, presentations, webinars and news to help those interested in professional development get up to speed with the key IT management issues in information security, assurance and continuity.IT security is one of the biggest current issues for IT managers. Latest government figures show ... read more..

Are smartphones endangering security? - 14 Jun 2011

mobile security Smartphones are spreading throughout the business world. Their use is growing, not just with top executives, but with employees at all levels. Ian Kilpatrick exposes the security concerns According to Gartner, smartphone sales to end users accounted for 19% of worldwide mobile device sales in the second quarter ... read more..

How to manage consumerisation - 14 Jun 2011

managing consumer technologies As smartphones and tablets find their way into the workplace, IT departments have become increasingly concerned about the potential dangers of allowing personal devices onto the corporate network. Gareth Maclachlan, COO and founder of AdaptiveMobile, argues that CIOs should embrace their employees mobile devices, yet remain mindful ... read more..

The applicability of social media for IT Service Management (OpinionWire 1 April 2011) - 01 Apr 2011

HP explains its new software HP used the opportunity at its annual summit with financial and IT industry analysts March 1416 to flesh out the change of direction expected under new CEO Leo Apotheker. The strategy boils down to three objectives: develop and deliver a cloud services platform and solutions ... read more..

Don't let data backup get your back up - 25 Nov 2010

disaster recoveryDave Beesley, managing director at Network Defence, explains how implementing an easier, safer and more efficient data backup and disaster recovery solution will help businesses avoid unnecessary data loss and the risk of litigation, saving them time and money.Data backup it can be time consuming and costly; making ... read more..

The Challenge Remains for Escrow - 11 May 2010

The National Computing Centre's Daniel Dresner says it's time the standard for escrow is reanimated. There's something deeply suspicious about source code escrow. Only Schrdinger's cat knows what's in the box. OK. So perhaps that's not entirely accurate because if it's done properly you know what's been archived. But like ... read more..

Emerging IT Security Trends NCC/IBM - 25 Mar 2010

25th March 2010 Sponsored by: Download the presentations: Emerging IT Security Trends NCC/IBM (25th March 2010) This seminar explores emerging security technology trends, and how the UK is, or isnt learning from security technology developments. Over the next few years, emerging technological and social ... read more..

The Confessions of a Chief Executive and his lost laptop - 22 Feb 2010

As the CTO of a data protection and encryption company I hear many a tale of woe as other CTOs and CEOs confess to me the stories of how various laptops within their companies have gone astray and the destruction these lost laptops have caused in their wake. With this ... read more..

Document Management for Disaster Recovery (Insight Report) - 01 Dec 2009

We like to think we live in a digital age but paper still plays a key role in most organisations. Yet paper documents can easily be lost or misfiled and are vulnerable to disasters like fire or floods not to mention the inefficiency and literal waste of space that ... read more..

ZeuS Trojan Warning - 20 Nov 2009

NCC's Daniel Dresner interviewed on North West Tonight, 20th November 2009. Video courtesy of the BBC 2009 ... read more..

Practical business continuity - 18 Dec 2008

So how would you cope if your head office suffered at the hands of fire or some other disaster? In this special ITadviser feature, we look at the experiences of organisations who have had to deal with that very situation and assess how their business continuity plans stood up to ... read more..

Off-Site Data Facilities - The user perspective (NCC Rapid Survey Report) - 15 Oct 2008

Free report As the scale and importance of organisational data has grown and the regulatory requirements relating to data security have become more sophisticated, the market for off-site data, backup, and secure facilities has evolved to meet the growing needs. This research set out to address these issues and examined ... read more..



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