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Companies that use their IT systems to improve corporate governance are more likely to improve their long-term business performance. Probably the most common complaint in business today is that the burden of conforming to a raft of related corporate governance directives (Sarbanes-Oxley/SAS99, Basel II and the Freedom of Information Act) and other regulatory compliance requirements, distracts management from dealing with real business matters. Organisations need to get the right balance between conformance and performance.

Nine out of 10 UK orgs don't encrypt over 75% of data in the cloud - 03 Aug 2016

From SC Magazine Companies are not adopting appropriate governance and security measures to protect sensitive data in the cloud according to a Ponemon Institute report The 2016 Global Cloud Data Security Study, commissioned by Gemalto. More than 3,400 IT and IT security practitioners were surveyed from the UK, US, Brazil, ... read more..

UK councils urged to prepare for GDPR now - 05 Apr 2016

From Councils have been urged to review their information governance arrangements and prepare for the incoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) now. The Society of Information Technology Management (Socitm) said that with both the new EU data protection regulations coming in and the new EU-US Privacy Shield arrangement replacing ... read more..

One-in-six IT pros admit to hacking – and 28% knowingly circumvent security policies - 24 Feb 2016

From Information Age One-in-six IT managers admit they have hacked their own or another organisation, according to new research. In a study of 513 UK IT and infosecurity directors and managers, 28% admitted to knowingly circumventing their own security policies. The report, by Absolute Software, found that security remains at ... read more..

Two-thirds of enterprises fail to meet best-practice standards for data control - 21 Oct 2015

From Information Age Two-thirds of enterprises are failing to meet best-practice standards for data control, an IDC study has revealed. Keeping enterprise data both safe and accessible is a complex balancing act made all the more difficult by the geometric growth rate of production data, which is difficult to keep ... read more..

Why businesses are failing on information management - 30 Sep 2015

From Many organisations are failing to make the most of the data they collect due to a gap between compliance and the data analytics team. Research conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) in conjunction with Iron Mountain found that only 4% of businesses were confident their organisations were extracting the full ... read more..

Do your security homework before storing big data in the cloud - 19 Aug 2015

From TechRepublic A majority of big data originates beyond enterprise walls and systems of records (SOR). This data streams in from corporate websites; it emanates from machines and sensors; and in still other cases, it's captured from the internet. Since so much internet and Internet of Things (IoT) data enters ... read more..

60% of local authorities don’t know how much sensitive data they have or where it is kept - 26 May 2015

From A staggering 60% of local authorities don't know how much sensitive data they hold, or where it is kept, according to research conducted by managed data and voice service provider Six Degrees Group (6DG). The company received responses from 302 UK local authorities to its Freedom of Information requests. It ... read more..

CIOs at ECM tipping point as cloud matures - 23 Apr 2015

From Information Age In a recent Information Age article, AIIM CEO John Mancini argued we are on the cusp of a new of enterprise content management (ECM) where massive changes (cloud being a central element) are on the horizon and little best practice exists to know how to manage them. ... read more..

How CIOs can plug critical gaps in IT governance - 06 Oct 2014

From Information Age The impact and sophistication of cyber security attacks have created a growing need for better IT governance to protect critical business information, but more than that, they have also created a global demand for talent that is outpacing the supply. A recent report from Symantec found that the total ... read more..

Top 10 governance, risk, compliance tech spending priorities - 23 Jun 2014

From InformationWeek The top 10 IT spending priorities for governance, risk and compliance could serve double duty as a list of the fears that keep IT executives awake at night. Yet most organisations still use 1990s technology to handle their GRC needs, according to a survey released in May by the ... read more..

Cloud and governance: are we at a crossroads? - 03 Mar 2014

From TechRepublic Enterprises want governance in the cloud in order to maintain control and assure stakeholders and regulators they can manage mission-critical systems that have grown increasingly complex and integrated. In a supply chain cloud solution, this translates into having secure communications with trusted suppliers, and being able to sleep at night ... read more..

Big data governance moves up the IT agenda - 14 Oct 2013

From InformationWeek With so many big data projects now underway across the enterprise, the next big challenge facing IT organisations is how to effectively manage that amount of data. Big data governance has suddenly become one of the hottest topics in IT as organisations turn their attention once again to the fundamentals ... read more..

Governance: finding the right path - 15 Apr 2013

From IT Adviser What springs to mind when people mention IT governance? All too often, we think 'bureaucracy'. We've all seen the decisions queued up for discussion at some governance committee, the endless round of compliance checks, the audits. We've read the thick policy manuals (or at least pretended to). We've ... read more..

Innovation Must Shape the CIO Agenda (OpinionWire 30 November 2012) - 30 Nov 2012

IT Governance is the Key to Managing Complex Agile ProjectsOvums recent report, Managing Large-Scale Agile Projects: Case Studies, examines how leading-edge agile consultancies have dealt with the challenges of going beyond the team in a room that characterised the early gestation of agile methodologies. Today, agile software development is practised ... read more..

IBM Analytic Answers Delivers Predictive Analytics Service in the Cloud (OpinionWire 9 November 2012) - 09 Nov 2012

Mobility Integration is a Major Challenge for ITOrganisations are moving beyond the traditional means of connecting with existing and potential customers. Similarly, they are exploring different avenues to fulfil the ever-increasing needs for reductions in the cost of IT, greater productivity and better employee engagement. As a result, in most ... read more..

Results of NCC Members Question: Creating a service management plan for ISO20000 - 28 Sep 2012

Results of NCC Member's Question: Issued 28 August 2012 NCC Members can ask relevant questions of the wider NCC membership, moderated by NCC. We collate the responses, where appropriate anonymise them, then publish the results on the website for the benefit of the wider Membership. Can you help with this question ... read more..

Business Intelligence 2011/2012 (Ovum Technology Evaluation Report) - 28 Sep 2012

Finding the right partner to handle changing analytics needs14 September 2012CatalystAs organisations address the requirements of faster and better decision making, they need to invest in business intelligence (BI) solutions and tools that can deal with the rapidly increasing volumes of available information both within and around the enterprise. To ... read more..

NCC Members Question: Creating a service management plan for ISO20000 - 28 Aug 2012

NCC Members can ask relevant questions of the wider NCC membership, moderated by NCC. We collate the responses, where appropriate anonymise them, then publish the results on the website for the benefit of the wider Membership. Can you help with this question from a learning and skills agency? Below is an ... read more..

IBM Gets Smarter About Big Data and Self-Service Analytics (OpinionWire 4 May 2012) - 04 May 2012

First-Mover Advantage in Big Data Awaits Asia-Pacific BanksBig data in banking continues to raise more strategy questions than there are technology answers, but it is emerging as a critical cog in the machinery that banks need to put in place in order to compete in the digital economy. First-mover competitive ... read more..

Managing data lifecycle in the enterprise and the cloud (British Library, London) - 13 Feb 2012

8 February 2012, Networking Seminar Whilst the economic climate remains challenging, data backup and DR technologies and services are now mature, so here's where you start your journey to cloud computing. This briefing will provide a perspective that will enable your business to move forward. Download the presentation slides ... read more..

Big data, big opportunity - 24 Nov 2011

big data There has never been as much information and data in the world as there is now. So much so that it has been awarded its own, slightly misleading name, big data. Yes, the volume of data is huge, but it is the variety and complexity that is driving ... read more..

E-discovery in the Smartphone and social media era - 24 Nov 2011

e-discoverye-discoverysounds as though it could be something to do with food additives, but in practice its a subject which is currently attracting a lot of attention in business circles. E-discovery (short for electronic discovery) essentially refers to the process of recovering email, SMS and other electronic forms of information when ... read more..

SharePoint: Do we have a problem? - 08 Nov 2011

SharePoint The Business Collaboration Platform for the Enterprise and the Web, according to Microsoft - has enjoyed many years of steady growth. Its low cost, ease of use and almost endless applications make it an attractive proposition to IT departments, CEOs and project teams alike. Wikipedia lists some of SharePoints ... read more..

Governance, Risk and Consumerisation (Edinburgh University) - 02 Nov 2011

Understanding and addressing the security and legal risks of using personal devices 02 November 2011, Networking Seminar Download the presentations Michael Dean Will Roebuck Daniel Dresner ... read more..

Governance, Risk and Consumerisation (Mint Hotel, Manchester) - 05 Oct 2011

Understanding and addressing the security and legal risks of using personal devices 05 October 2011 Networking Seminar Download the presentations Michael Dean Will Roebuck Daniel Dresner ... read more..

Delivering business value from social media and collaboration tools (The Trades Union Congress, London) - 27 Sep 2011

Download the presentations from the NCC Autumn Conference here. Companies such as Virgin, Dell, Amazon, and the BBC, to mention just a few are all known as successes in harnessing the power of social media for business. However, they all sell or deliver directly to consumers. How about businesses ... read more..

No.4: Governance & Compliance - 16 Sep 2011

A collection of recent NCC research, thought leadership articles, events and videos, to help those interested in professional development get up to speed with the key management issues relating to IT governance and compliance.IT governance is a board-led management framework for making IT an integrated, value-adding part of the business. ... read more..

Managing data risk in the enterprise and the Cloud - Event Summary - 11 Jul 2011

7 July 2011, The British Library, London Information governance and the management of data is no longer just the concern of the IT department but has become a key corporate and commercial issue. Never more has it been true to consider information as the lifeblood of the organisation. We ... read more..

Delivering the Flexible Enterprise (Mint Hotel, Manchester) - 06 Jul 2011

06 July 2011 Download the presentations Introduction (140KB PDF) Ian Jones, NCC The flexible enterprise - people, process and culture (540KB PDF) John Eary - NCC Associate consultant The ... read more..

New services for NCC Members - 04 Jul 2011

Following input earlier in the year from the NCC Members Advisory Board, we are pleased to announce two new services for NCC Members: Analyst Digest and our Professional Development Service. Every day new research, articles and white papers get posted on the web research that could provide you with ... read more..



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