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Green IT Sustainability

With energy prices rising, regulatory pressures mounting and stakeholders demanding enterprises become more socially aware, green IT is a key issue affecting businesses today.

In the past, most organisations paid little regard to the environmental aspects of the equipment they used, or the way resources were consumed and disposed of. However, today, sustainability issues are increasingly becoming an important consideration for business. Understanding the impact and benefits (such as securing cost savings) of implementing a green IT strategy should be essential for every business in the UK. But with environmental, ethical and legislative factors to take into account, many businesses still don't know where to begin when it comes to delivering green IT effectively.


CIOs should prepare for ‘tough questions’ over power usage within IT - 08 Sep 2014

From Computerworld UK Businesses will be required to hand over data on their energy usage to the EU from December next year as part of a new energy efficiency scheme run by UK government. All firms with over 250 employees or a turnover of 50 million (39 million) will have to report ... read more..

UK companies failing to recycle computer equipment - 15 Jul 2013

From IT Pro Around 95% of computers owned by UK business end up in landfill, according to a survey. Recycling company Business Waste said nearly all firms still send electronic waste to landfill rather than make arrangements for it to be collected, reused or recycled. The firm surveyed 500 customers and prospects, and ... read more..

Almost half of IT pros unaware of EU 20-20-20 energy directive - 18 Feb 2013

From ComputerworldUK Over 40% of data centre IT professionals are unaware of the recent EU 20-20-20 Renewable Energy Directive, although their firms still seem to be blindly working towards complying with it. EU climate and energy targets aim to transform Europe into an energy-efficient, low carbon economy. The Directive supports targets that ... read more..

IBM Analytic Answers Delivers Predictive Analytics Service in the Cloud (OpinionWire 9 November 2012) - 09 Nov 2012

Mobility Integration is a Major Challenge for ITOrganisations are moving beyond the traditional means of connecting with existing and potential customers. Similarly, they are exploring different avenues to fulfil the ever-increasing needs for reductions in the cost of IT, greater productivity and better employee engagement. As a result, in most ... read more..

TIBCO Takes the Big Data Plunge with Analytics and CEP (OpinionWire 19 October 2012) - 21 Oct 2012

Market Conditions Will Drive Adoption of Sustainability Solutions in 2013Sustainability management will remain a corporate priority in 2013. Organisations around the world are being pressed to reduce their environmental impact and operate in a more sustainable manner. Difficult economic conditions, rising energy prices, resource depletion and increasingly stringent environmental regulations ... read more..

Cyber Activity is Keeping the CISO Awake at Night (OpinionWire 13 July 2012) - 13 Jul 2012

COBIT 5: Helping Address Cultural ChallengesOvum believes that COBIT 5 offers valuable direction and tools on how the business and IT can better meet strategic objectives, while also addressing the cultural issues that are inherent with change initiatives and new implementations. The recently published fifth version of the COBIT framework ... read more..

No.9: Sustainability - 29 Apr 2012

A collection of recent research, thought leadership, presentations, videos and news to help NCC member organisations introduce and maintain sustainable IT.Regulations, as well as consumer pressure, relating to socially responsible business operations mean that companies are under continued pressure to improve their green IT offerings. This bulletin provides advice, guidance, ... read more..

Oracle Advances its Advanced Analytics Strategy (OpinionWire 23 March 2012) - 23 Mar 2012

Adoption Trends in Sustainability SoftwareSustainability is moving up corporate priority lists, driven by regulation, supply chain risk, customer pressure and investor pressure, among other factors. Managing for sustainability is too complex for manual methods; it requires IT-based automation to be effective. But the market for sustainability management solutions is highly ... read more..

Tailored Business Solutions for the Renewable Energy Sector - webinar - 13 Dec 2011

Date: Tuesday 13th December 2011Time: 10:30 - 11:15 (GMT)Location: OnlineCost: Free of ChargeSector: Renewable EnergyEnrol: Click hereOverview: Sapphire invites you to log in to this webinar aimed at professionals within the Renewable Energy sector with an interest in Financial Management, Procurement, Materials Management or Enterprise Assets Maintenance.This session will showcase ... read more..

Microsoft developers face uncertainty following WinRT revelations (OpinionWire 28 October 2011) - 28 Oct 2011

Microsoft developers face uncertainty following WinRT revelations Microsoft's Build conference saw early announcements on Windows 8 and the technology stack behind it, named Windows Runtime Library (WinRT). Windows 8 is a major shift for Microsoft as it aims to support a new age of touchscreen devices while retaining backwards compatibility ... read more..

We think green, we think data! - 21 Sep 2011

green IT Green IT is without doubt firmly cemented to private and public sector transformation agendas as we collectively adopt a corporate social responsibility mantra to make us more sustainable. ICT is estimated to be directly responsible for almost 2% of global CO2 emissions and this is approximately equivalent ... read more..

Carbon: asset or liability? - 20 Sep 2011

sustainable IT Gradient Consulting is always looking at ways to use IT to drive business improvement and over the last year or so it has been closely following the development of carbon accounting systems as a way to address the sustainability agenda in UK businesses. Stephanie Snaith reviews the reasons ... read more..

Green IT and the sustainable organisation - 08 Jul 2011

There is now a significant weight of scientific opinion behind the argument that changes in the worlds climate are man-made and are attributable, at least in part, to increases in CO2 emissions over the last 100 years. ... read more..

UK coalition government releases new ICT strategy (OpinionWire 27 May 2011) - 27 May 2011

Amazon Web Service outage: keep it in perspective In April Amazon Web Services (AWS) experienced an outage that was its longest to date and exposed serious flaws in the design of components of its infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) offering. The I told you so anti-cloud brigade went into a frenzy of smugness. ... read more..

Facing up to complex sustainability demands (Ovum Straight Talk, 3 December 2010) - 03 Dec 2010

Negotiations over the next two weeks in Cancun, Mexico, under the auspices of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), are highly unlikely to result in an agreement for coordinated international action. But organizations of all types still face growing pressure from national and local regulators, consumers, investors, ... read more..

Turning green ambitions into a reality - 23 Sep 2010

green ITAs we head further into the second half of 2010, we seem better positioned to consider broadening our horizons to encompass corporate growth, more dynamic business strategies and importantly the companys environmental footprint. Reinforcing this trend, legislation such as the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme has, for many organisations, ... read more..

Telsa - the 'clean tech' bubble keeps on inflating (OpinionWire, 9 July 2010) - 09 Jul 2010

Despite historically low sales, a looming 12-month gap where the company will have no product to sell, an untested market for its future new release, and a lack of infrastructure to support widespread deployments of electric vehicles, automaker Tesla underwent its IPO last Tuesday. With Tesla claiming to be more ... read more..

IT Decisions 2010 - 23 Jun 2010

23-24 June 2010 A simple choice for 2010 Find out what's hot on the IT agenda at IT Decisions 2010, including the latest developments in: ... read more..

What goes around, comes around - 25 May 2010

green IT As part of our look at Greener and more sustainable IT Jason Meers takes a look at repurposing IT Save time and money by converting your old PCs and laptops into thin clients. IT seems that every 10 years or so the computer industry re-invents itself and gives us new ... read more..

Virtualisation: mobilising a greener workforce - 22 Feb 2010

The adoption of server-based virtualisation is gaining pace as organisations face up to a new decade with ever tighter budgets. However, many of the potential benefits of desktop virtualisation are as yet untapped. The Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) presents the opportunity to fundamentally transform the cost model of desktop computing ... read more..

The green IT agenda - 22 Feb 2010

Information Technology has planted itself firmly at the heart of all modern businesses and has become inseparable. From the moment you wake up, until the moment you go to sleep billions of transistors, sensors, control systems, software applications and business rules shape your day. Gone are the days where a ... read more..

Secure and Socially Responsible Disposal of PCs - 11 Feb 2010

A study on the disposal of IT equipment might not ordinarily make interesting reading, but in this period of heightened concern on the environment and sustainability the results of this study do at least set a marker in the sand from which to monitor progress into the future. This new ... read more..

Results of NCC Member Question: Desktop Virtualisation and Green IT - 09 Dec 2009

Results of NCC Member Question Issued 27 November 2009We plan to move our Trading Room to another building. Currently we have conventional PCs rack mounted in a comms room with a small remote box (connected to the PC over ethernet cable) on the traders desks providing display, k/board and mouse ... read more..

The Future of Desktop Virtualisation - 25 Nov 2009

Nikolaos Makris of 2X Software considers the growth of thin client computing (and the environmental implications), and where it is heading in the futureIts official the days of the local desktop OS are numbered! By 2014, Gartner predicts that there will be more than 66 million virtualised desktops globally. ... read more..

The Challenge of Digital Landfill - 25 Nov 2009

A decade into a new millennium, much of our IT infrastructure is fit for digital landfill and we are continuing to pour money into it at an alarming rate. The current approach to IT is to custom-build systems and incrementally change them as required. As the degree of change ... read more..

Top ten tips: Ten common problems with ECM deployments – and how to avoid them - 25 Nov 2009

ECM has the power to transform employee productivity, drive down costs and reduce the carbon footprint for any organisation. But many organisations have yet to achieve maximum value from the investment. From clearly defining corporate expectations up front, to ensuring user buy-in, only the right approach can ensure that organisations ... read more..

Space, cost and energy savings – Choosing the right storage virtualisation technology - 24 Nov 2009

The data centre continues to evolve with the need for storage capacity growing so quickly that many organisations struggle to keep up. Even before the global economy took a nosedive, organisations were starting to look for the best way to re-utilise their pre-existing storage capabilities. But now, with the increasing ... read more..

Push and pull: can the data centre industry meet opposing energy and environmental demands? - 24 Nov 2009

There is an urgent clash of priorities facing the UK when it comes to IT infrastructure We all understand the importance of ICT in a knowledge-based economy. The need for better, bigger, more sophisticated ICT will only continue to increase as Britain strives to compete as a world leader. ICT ... read more..

Why IT must take a lead in greening the enterprise - 05 Nov 2009

As the scientific consensus on the man-made origins of global warming hardens into fact, there is overwhelming pressure to take action from governments, business and consumers. New laws are coming in to reduce the threat, especially in Europe. With whole industries striving for greener ways of working, embracing both new ... read more..

IT and the environment - 05 Nov 2009

IT and the environment: a new item on the CIO's agenda investigates the efforts being made by organisations to measure and reduce the environmental impact of the IT function. The report assesses how these changes are affecting the purchasing, operation and disposal of technology assets within businesses today. IT and ... read more..



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