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Open source 'taking over the software world' - 22 Apr 2013

From CIO It's been only a few weeks since the Linux Foundation released its report that enterprise use of Linux continues to rise, but last week fresh data came out that suggests the same is true of open source software in general. Specifically, Black Duck Software and North Bridge Venture Partners announced ... read more..

SharePoint: Do we have a problem? - 08 Nov 2011

SharePoint The Business Collaboration Platform for the Enterprise and the Web, according to Microsoft - has enjoyed many years of steady growth. Its low cost, ease of use and almost endless applications make it an attractive proposition to IT departments, CEOs and project teams alike. Wikipedia lists some of SharePoints ... read more..

Governance, Risk and Consumerisation (Edinburgh University) - 02 Nov 2011

Understanding and addressing the security and legal risks of using personal devices 02 November 2011, Networking Seminar Download the presentations Michael Dean Will Roebuck Daniel Dresner ... read more..

Corporate IT - the future of mobile devices - 20 Sep 2011

corporate mobile IT About 18 months ago I started writing a book Cracking Mobile Native Development and in the introduction I went through and listed a bunch of things that had changed between the time that I submitted the proposal to the publisher and the time the book ... read more..

Making better business decisions: the role of financial software - 13 Jun 2011

financial data management It used to be the case that companies would have a different software package for each key function within their business. This inevitably led to a spread of information, a lot of rekeying, and due to the time it takes to gather information and compile reports, the ... read more..

May '11 Microsoft Interoperability Council meeting report - 13 Jun 2011

Andy Hopkirk reports from the May meeting of the Microsoft Interoperability Executive Customer Council (IEC)Mays Council was very much focused on cloud-related matters and interoperability, the impact of consumerisation of IT and the every growing diversity of end-user client devices, the state of play with HTML5 standards development and implementations ... read more..

Citrix will stream Windows apps to Chrome OS laptops - Network World - 23 May 2011

Infrastructure Citrix virtualization for Google PCs coming this summer, VMware to follow.The same Citrix technology that lets users access Windows applications from the iPad is coming to Chrome OS laptops built by Google. Citrix Receiver, a front end for Citrix's desktop and application virtualization software, will be released for Chrome ... read more..

BI Technology and Industry Trends (OpinionWire 18 March 2011) - 21 Mar 2011

BI Technology and Industry Trends The demands on business responsiveness and operational speed and flexibility for enterprises competing in today's economically challenging environment makes BI a necessity, rather than a luxury. At a time when survival depends on visibility into operations and making the right decisions, it's clear why BI ... read more..

The impact of today's complex IT infrastructure on a business - 26 Nov 2010

integrating multi vendor architectures Delivering enterprise system intelligence shouldnt limit freedom of choice. Dave Ball, Visual Network Systems, looks at the challenges of integrating multi-vendor architectures and how this approach can provide optimum solutions for business-focused application and network performance management. The last two years have seen more businesses go ... read more..

Consumerisation, Identity, Mobile and Cloud - hot topics for all at the Microsoft Interoperability Executive Customer Council - 17 Nov 2010

From NCCs Dr. Andy HopkirkHaving just got back from a two day meeting of Microsofts Interoperability Executive Customer Council (IECC), Im thinking, Theres a lot going on! We can all see that the market is, right now, experiencing an explosion of internet-enabled Cloud services-oriented ICT innovation and diversification. New service ... read more..

NCC at the Microsoft Interoperability Executive Customer Council - 20 Aug 2010

NCCs Head of Programmes and Projects, Dr Andy Hopkirk, recently participated in the 8th half-yearly meeting of Microsofts Interoperability Executive Customer Council meeting in Redmond, Washington USA (25th-26th May 25th, 2010).A total of nineteen council members from sixteen end user organisations participated in the meeting, representing multinational businesses, e-government and ... read more..

Informatica's online market place sniffs out leads (OpinionWire, 2 July 2010) - 02 Jul 2010

With Salesforce and Apple leading the way in setting up and running successful online marketplaces, other IT vendors are scrambling to follow suit to sell complementary solutions and tools. The latest to join the crowd is Informatica, which in 3Q10 will open up a new online channel for developers, partners, ... read more..

Information Management - Building bridges between IT and marketing - 30 Jun 2010

NCC Guidelines for IT ManagementNumber 336 Every business now collects and stores volumes of information that were unimaginable even a decade ago. Managed well, this data can be used to unlock new sources of economic value and provide fresh insight for marketing. But how many organisations can truly claim ... read more..

Get your voice heard at Microsoft's Global Interoperability Executive Customer (IEC) Council - 25 May 2010

25-26 May 2010 NCC representing Members at Microsoft's Global Interoperability Executive Customer (IEC) Council As announced in the Weekly News on 19th March, the NCC accepted an invitation to represent its members in Microsofts global Interoperability Executive Customer (IEC) Council. The next Council meeting is on 25-26th May, so this is your opportunity ... read more..

Attitude Key to Success of the Digital Economy Bill - 23 Apr 2010

John Lovelock, Chief Executive of FAST IiS (the Federation Against Software Theft and Investors in Software), discusses possible threats to the digital economy. The digital economy has received much publicity over the last year, and especially the last few weeks. The Governments Digital Britain Report has led to the Digital ... read more..

NCC to represent Members at Microsoft’s global Interoperability Executive Customer (IEC) Council - 18 Mar 2010

The NCC has accepted an invitation to represent its members in Microsofts global Interoperability Executive Customer (IEC) Council, to share ideas and shape the development of solutions for some of the enterprises biggest interoperability challenges. This adds to our existing participation in their equivalent UK Interoperability Council and is welcome ... read more..

Interoperability in the Data Centre - 10 Mar 2010

9th-10th March 2010Download the Presentations NCC presentation by Dr Andy Hopkirk: about NCC members perceptions of interoperability ... read more..

Fixed Mobile Integration - 22 Feb 2010

Is fixed mobile integration a contradiction in terms or the most efficient way of managing your mobile infrastructure? Lesley Hansen discusses Fixed Mobile Integration (FMI) is the supply of communication services based on the combination of wired and wireless technologies, and, theoretically, became possible at the outset of the 1990s ... read more..

Perceptions of Interoperability - 22 Feb 2010

Dr Andy Hopkirk, Head of Projects Programmes at the National Computing Centre, reports on the perceptions and experiences of NCC members surrounding interoperability requirements Interoperability is a recurring theme in debates about how to get cheaper, more efficient and future proofed IT systems outcomes of particular interest ... read more..

Keep Software Simple - 22 Feb 2010

So long as business applications are user-friendly and do the job, users shouldnt need to care about the bits and bytes. Whether youre at the helm of your company or are a time-pressed employee trying to get your job done, the last thing you want is to be slowed down ... read more..

Access control industry best practices - 22 Feb 2010

Choosing the Right Reader With a wide variety of reader technologies to choose from, its important to ensure that the technology selected properly balances risk, cost, and convenience factors. Prox technology is a viable choice, especially for sites where there are existing Prox cards in use, but contactless smart cards ... read more..

Perceptions of Interoperability - 19 Feb 2010

By Dr Andy Hopkirk, Head of Projects Programmes at the National Computing Centre Interoperability is a recurring theme in debates about how to get cheaper, more efficient and future proofed IT systems - outcomes of particular interest to all NCC members. Both proprietary and open source software suppliers say they have ... read more..

Microsoft + Novell, an interoperability journey - 15 Feb 2010

Interoperability between computer systems can be engineered at many levels; most fundamentally between two different operating systems. Microsoft+Novell have been working since late 2006 to make Microsofts Windows and Novells SUSE Linux systems interoperate most effectively both technically and in terms of the customer support provided by both companies. Technical ... read more..

What does digital workflow mean for the creative industry? - 24 Nov 2009

As technology trends advance and reliance upon IT infrastructures increases, what effect will this have on the creative industry? With information moving towards the digital domain, Jonathan Morgan, co-founder of software developer Object Matrix, looks at the demise of tape-based archiving and the natural succession of the digital workflow.There seems ... read more..

Preparing for Exchange 2007 - 05 Nov 2009

It is intended that this document will provide IT strategists and decision makers with an overview of the benefits, risks and challenges faced in moving to an Exchange 2007 environment and help them to prepare their organisations and infrastructures for the future. This document is not intended to provide a ... read more..

Cloud Computing - 04 Nov 2009

Cloud Computing is a term that has quickly become the hottest topic in the technology sector, with seemingly every major provider and thousands of smaller companies offering Cloud Computing services. But what exactly is Cloud Computing? A recent McKinsey report listed twenty-two definitions of Cloud Computing! The umbrella term 'cloud' has been used ... read more..

Next generation learning: Web 2.0 - 19 Dec 2008

Colin McDonald, Head of Curriculum Development at Ufi, the organisation behind learndirect and learndirect Business takes a look at the impact of Web 2.0 on IT skills training. Web 2.0 is set to revolutionise the way in which IT skills and other training is provided. In the near future, learners will ... read more..

An update on Agile methods 2008 - 18 Dec 2008

Dorothy Tudor explores the elements of Agile project delivery with specific reference to DSDM Atern. She examines the factors which make success more likely in an Agile project and gives steps to successful implementation. What is Agile? The modern definition of Agile development approaches has evolved since the mid-1990s as part of ... read more..

Out of sight, not out of mind - 18 Dec 2008

Securing remote workers using two-factor authentication Michael Robertson considers the business and environmental benefits offered by remote working and discusses the role of two-factor authentication in enabling this way of working. Remote working - when employees perform their day-to-day role away from a central office for all or part of their ... read more..

IT Analytics - 10 Jul 2008

The fact that IT and business processes are becoming ever closer can no longer be denied. In many industries many of the most critical business services cannot be supported without appropriate IT systems, marking high levels of 'IT intensity' (a measure of how pervasive IT is within organisations). This has ... read more..



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