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The issues around IT management range from improving your leadership skills, to understanding technology trends, working in partnership with ‘the business’, and keeping track of your own and your IT team’s worth in terms of salary expectations and conditions of employment. This culminates in the ability to select the best team for a given IT project and providing the leadership skills required: without the right person heading the IT team, the business will be in danger of failing.


Tech jobs set for big pay rises in 2017 - 01 Dec 2016

From InformationWeek IT professionals looking to boost their career and salary in 2017 should take a look at new research prepared by specialised staffing agency Robert Half, which recently published a series of new guides to help workers and employers prepare for the New Year, including The Top 10 Technology ... read more..

Do you have what it takes to be a great CIO? - 01 Dec 2016

From What sort of personality do you need to be a great chief information officer? You might think being competitive, outgoing, quick to adapt to technology and having strong people skills will turn you into a great CIO. But you would be wrong. Deloitte has interviewed and surveyed 1,200 ... read more..

Applications for technology visas 'rise after Brexit' - 01 Dec 2016

From IT Pro Applications for visas to allow non-EU immigrant tech workers to work in the UK has increased in popularity post-Brexit. According to Tech City UK, the government body responsible for processing tech talent visas, more than 300 applications have been received since April, a huge increase compared to ... read more..

Philip Hammond's Autumn Statement: what it means for technology in the UK - 01 Dec 2016

From Computerworld UK Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond has outlined some of the Conservative government's fiscal policy in his Autumn Statement, placing a keen emphasis on science, technology, startups and 'productivity'. Although it's unclear precisely what Hammond meant by productivity, he announced a £23 billion 'national productivity investment fund' that will ... read more..

Cloud-driven IT decentralisation increases security risk - 01 Dec 2016

From Dark Reading IT management has become increasingly decentralised in the last three years and businesses are struggling to address it. Many believe tech departments aren't ready to face this trend, which they believe will increase enterprise security risk. These findings come from new cloud research on IT management, commissioned ... read more..

99 in 100 UK companies are not capitalising on the digital economy - 01 Dec 2016

From Information Age Just one in every 100 companies in the UK are capitalising on the digital economy compared to 41% in Germany, according to new research. In a study of more than 4,000 executives in 21 countries, Oxford Economics found that while European business leaders are beginning to ... read more..

40% of employers worldwide face talent shortages, driven by IT - 15 Nov 2016

From TechRepublic Employers, start your engines: the race to capture top tech talent is at its toughest level in nearly a decade. Some 40% of employers globally report that they are experiencing difficulty filling jobs the highest number since 2007, according to ManpowerGroup's 11th annual Talent Shortage Survey. To ... read more..

CIOs get strategic as IT budgets stay flat - 15 Nov 2016

From InformationWeek IT budgets may look flat when you look at the average, but if you take a closer look at individual budgets, there's tremendous volatility and variation among companies. That volatility is coming amid a huge change in how IT organisations function within their enterprises more often as ... read more..

Docker, machine learning are top tech trends for 2017 - 15 Nov 2016

From CIO With 2017 fast approaching, technology trends that will keep gathering steam in the New Year range from augmented and virtual reality to machine intelligence, Docker and microservices, according to technology consulting firm ThoughtWorks. In its semi-annual Technology Radar report published last week, ThoughtWorks calls out four IT themes ... read more..

AI and automation will be far more significant than Brexit - 15 Nov 2016

From Information Age Last month both the UK and US governments published reports on how artificial intelligence (AI) and automation will impact society in the coming years. It was a landmark moment, thrusting AI into national and political conversations. At the same time Stephen Hawking, the renowned theoretical physicist, called ... read more..

Microsoft enterprise cloud and software pricing to increase in January - 04 Nov 2016

From Microsoft is to increase its enterprise software and cloud service prices for UK customers significantly, in reaction to the falling value of the pound. From 1 January 2017, prices for on-premises enterprise software will increase by 13%, whilst enterprise cloud prices will increase by 22% 'to realign close ... read more..

Gartner's 10 tech predictions that will change IT - 04 Nov 2016

From InformationWeek One of the reasons people go to the annual Gartner Symposium ITxpo is to hear Gartner analysts offer predictions for the future. This year was no different and Gartner didn't disappoint, offering predictions and prognostications on a variety of subjects. One of the most talked about lists of ... read more..

Average European firm loses £3 million per year from critical IT events - 04 Nov 2016

From Information Age The average European organisation loses more than £3 million pounds every year from 36 critical IT events, according to a new study. A critical IT event occurs when a business application or infrastructure is down or has a malfunction. This results in a business process being halted, or users ... read more..

IT teams are being pushed to the sidelines - 04 Nov 2016

From TechRepublic Most businesses are in the midst of a digital transformation but only 21% have implemented a firm-wide strategy, according to a recent survey from SAP and the Economist Intelligence Unit. The CIO is the most likely member of the C-suite to take ownership of digital transformation efforts ... read more..

Chancellor Philip Hammond promises £220 million investment in UK tech sector - 11 Oct 2016

From IT Pro Chancellor Philip Hammond outlined plans to devolve £220 million in support of tech innovation during a speech at the Conservative Party Conference in Birmingham. After praising Britain's creativity and innovation, he said the UK government must 'carefully maintain the conditions that have brought this activity to Britain in the ... read more..

Need work-life balance? These IT jobs can be a good place to look - 11 Oct 2016

From CIO Achieving balance between work and home life is an ongoing challenge for professionals across industries, but it turns out the IT world is doing pretty well in helping to make it happen. Roughly a third of the jobs listed in a new report entitled 29 Best Jobs for ... read more..

Businesses need to put more focus on internal IT services - 11 Oct 2016

From Businesses are not investing enough in improving internal company services which could lead to rising costs, lower productivity and unhappy staff. Enterprises are investing in automating and streamlining customer services but are neglecting the services they offer staff, who have high expectations because they are used to consumer ... read more..

The skills gap and the future of hardware technicians - 11 Oct 2016

From Information Age Rhetoric around skills and education has positioned the skills gap as a challenge facing the software coding and data analysis fields, with both areas expected to power the future startups of TechCity. However there are other areas of IT impacted by the skills gap, namely hardware support. ... read more..

Salary survey shows IT managers command big bonuses - 30 Sep 2016

From The Computer Weekly/TechTarget 2016/2017 Salary Survey, which questioned 738 UK and Irish IT and business professionals, found that, as expected, senior IT managers command the highest salaries, with an average annual income of £112,200, 19% of which is bonus-related. In comparison, the average salary for IT staff is £37,010, with ... read more..

Looking for a programming job in a big tech firm? Find one by playing games with Code Arcade - 30 Sep 2016

From TechRepublic Learning is easier when it's fun. That's the reason behind a lot of the gamification of STEM topics especially programming. CodeFights knows that, which is the entire basis of its compete-to-get-hired system. CodeFights features a bunch of programming challenges that pit experts in head-to-head battles to see ... read more..

Brexit uncertainty hits UK IT budgets - 30 Sep 2016

From IT Pro IT departments in the UK are set to have their budgets tightened even further next year, thanks to the political and economic uncertainty caused by Brexit. According to Spiceworks' 2017 State of IT report, which examines technology budget and adoption trends of IT professionals in North America ... read more..

A new generation of CIO thinking emerges - 30 Sep 2016

From ZDNet The data keeps piling up: tech spending and digitisation of the enterprise is happening outside of IT as never before. There's no easy way to say it: the role of the CIO to lead the tech enablement of our organisations is steadily eroding as strategic technology decisions are ... read more..

The 10 hottest tech skills for UK IT professionals 2016 - 22 Sep 2016

From Computerworld UK Cloud and cyber security skills are seeing the biggest surge in interest by employers hiring IT and tech staff, according to data released by online job community Dice and the IT Jobs Watch. The report from across the UK technology sector also shows that salaries continue to ... read more..

Employees waste four weeks a year due to slow and outdated tech, finds report - 08 Sep 2016

From Slow and outdated IT costs businesses four whole working weeks per employee per year, to the tune of £2,100 for every person, a new report from Sharp has found. The biggest drain contributing to this figure is searching for files on servers, which accounts for an average of 23 minutes ... read more..

Crest report outlines ways to address cyber security gender gap - 08 Sep 2016

From The gender gap in cyber security is mainly a result of poor marketing and perception of the industry by women, according to a report by security certification body Crest. The report is based on a workshop aimed at addressing diversity in the cyber security industry in February 2016 ... read more..

Over 70% of global employers now use contractors to help fill IT skills shortages - 08 Sep 2016

From TechRepublic If you're running a company in the US, there's a good chance your next IT hire will not be a permanent member of the team. A new report from Experis found that 40% of US companies now have a hybrid workforce of permanent, freelance and contract employees ... read more..

Data proficiency skills: the new norm - 08 Sep 2016

From Information Age Data proficiency skills are the most sought after qualities UK business leaders look for when hiring. There has been a significant shift in the importance placed on data and analytics. Out of 263 UK business leaders 95% use data and analytics to inform business decisions today, while ... read more..

Data scientist roles surge by 45% in 2016, UK leads the pack - 23 Aug 2016

From Information Age The demand for data scientists across Europe increased significantly during the first half of 2016, according to new data. The latest market analysis from Procorre has shown a 45% increase in the number of data scientist roles across EU countries in the last six months. As the ... read more..

A-Level results day: ICT has lowest pass rate in UK - 23 Aug 2016

From IT Pro The state of the UK's IT education continues to plummet, as 2016's A-Level results reveal that ICT has the lowest pass rate of any A-Level subject. Just 10% of students who took the subject achieved an A* or A grade, compared to more than half of further ... read more..

Government commits to funding for science and tech research after EU split - 23 Aug 2016

From The government has promised to underwrite any funding proposals made under the European Union Horizon 2020 framework to safeguard the UK's cutting-edge science and technology research. Chancellor Philip Hammond explained that the government will ensure that funding agreed by the EU will be continued when the nation eventually ... read more..



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