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The advantages offered by outsourcing's economies of scale mean that it has now become the norm rather than the exception. The core issue is that all parties must be completely aware and in agreement over the segregation of duties and responsibilities, for each and every component of the process. Providing that the business maintains overall control and is able to monitor compliance easily, transparently and without notice, then the business can be confidently maintained.

IT departments suffer from reverse skills gap - 16 Apr 2016

From IT Pro Businesses are suffering from a reverse IT skills gap, according to research from VCE, the converged infrastructure wing of the EMC Federation. The investigation, which has been published in a report called Endangered IT, showed many IT workers are at risk of becoming obsolete because they are ... read more..

Outsourcing IT security continues to grow, study finds - 26 Aug 2015

From SC Magazine Spending on the outsourcing of IT functions is rising at a rate that is in step with IT operational budgets as a whole, according to a new report, IT Outsourcing Statistics 2015/16, from IT research firm Computer Economics. Enterprises may choose to contract with a service provider ... read more..

Growing cyber threats challenging cost reduction as reason to use managed services - 17 Jun 2015

From Over a third of IT operations at mid-sized companies will move to an outsourced managed service over the next five years, as IT directors seek security as well as cost reductions. Outsourcing to save money is still the main motivation for taking up a managed service, but businesses that lack ... read more..

IT service providers are pushing too hard to sell extra services - 19 May 2015

From IT services firms are not prioritising the services they are contracted to provide because they are too busy trying to sell additional services on top, according to UK IT departments. A global study of 1,300 IT departments and almost 700 IT service providers, carried out by LogicNow, revealed that in ... read more..

Cost cutting still draining IT outsourcing budgets against CIO wishes - 05 May 2015

From More than half of IT directors believe money spent with IT outsourcing suppliers is focused on cost cutting, despite only 21% of the same group citing cost cutting as the most important role for suppliers, according to research by software firm MooD International. The research revealed 48% of IT directors ... read more..

NOA launches professional development scheme for outsourcing professionals - 26 Feb 2015

From Computerworld UK The National Outsourcing Association (NOA) is launching its own continuous professional development scheme, which aims to help professionals maintain and enhance their outsourcing knowledge and skills. Individuals will be able to track their professional development using the NOA's online tool, which will allow users to log all of their ... read more..

Firms save more by cutting supplier costs than by laying off IT staff, says research - 17 Nov 2014

From CIOs are reluctant to challenge IT service providers to cut costs because multi-sourced IT ecosystems are too delicate to tamper with and it is deemed easier to cut the cost of inhouse IT. But, according to the research from IT sourcing consultancy Alsbridge, the savings made through reducing the costs ... read more..

Outsourcing IT teams would be to the detriment of the business, say IT leaders - 06 Oct 2014

From Businesses must think carefully before outsourcing IT because it could harm their operations, according to a number of IT decision makers speaking on Computing's Question Time, a live set of webinars focusing on how the role of the CIO is changing as cloud services become more widely adopted. Thereza Snyman, ... read more..

Cost savings still clinch IT services contracts - 11 Aug 2014

From Cost savings are the main reason UK businesses outsource services, but more than one-third now cite service improvements as the top reason. Research by the National Outsourcing Association (NOA) of its members revealed that 54% of outsourcing buyers gave cost reduction as the main reason for doing so, while 36% ... read more..

Research reveals huge appetite for IT outsourcing - 12 May 2014

From More than three-quarters of Europe's big businesses will either outsource more IT spending this year or continue with the current amount, while just 10% plan to reduce IT outsourcing, according to research. The study of 1,300 businesses in Europe from Whitelane Research revealed that 42% of organisations will outsource more ... read more..

Outsourcing: fighting the fear - 25 Nov 2013

From IT Adviser 'What keeps you awake at night?' is an old sales question, but as the speed of change in IT increases it's becoming more and more relevant. The spectre of risk is what keeps us awake in the small hours and, for those IT leaders who have outsourced, it's ... read more..

CIOs put jobs on the line by outsourcing software testing and development - 18 Nov 2013

From Almost a third (31%) of CIOs are putting their jobs at risk by outsourcing software testing and development, because a quarter of projects fail to deliver on their objectives. Research from Vanson Bourne, which questioned about 600 IT decision makers, including 100 in the UK, found that 48% of software ... read more..

Outsourcing, adieu: companies retake the reins on IT services - 22 Jul 2013

From Almost as soon as the outsourcing deal was inked, it was an $800 million disaster. The Fortune 500 company's seven-year, $120 million-a-year IT services deal had all sorts of problems from the beginning, according to an IT director whom we'll call Skip Currier (not his real name), who had a ... read more..

IBM Refines its BPO Strategy: is Big Beautiful? (OpinionWire 23 November 2012) - 26 Nov 2012

Enterprises Struggle to Navigate Mobile Business Intelligence LandscapeThe consumerisation of IT is prevalent in the enterprise. Consumers have become accustomed to mobile applications that allow them to swiftly and easily access relevant content regardless of place or time. These consumers are now seeking the same experience with business applications. Business ... read more..

Cloud Services Are an Organisational Innovation, Not a Technology ‘Silver Bullet’ (OpinionWire 17 August 2012) - 17 Aug 2012

Outsourcing Needs to Respond to Climate ChangeIt is not just language issues and political volatility that outsourcers need to think about when selling delivery services to enterprises in developed locations. The issue of natural disasters and infrastructure reliability is a consideration that is certain to gain prominence among procurement officers ... read more..

Bring Your Own: Software as Big a Problem as Devices (OpinionWire 16 March 2012) - 16 Mar 2012

CIO, Tear Down This Wall!A quarter of a century after Ronald Reagan challenged Mikhail Gorbachev to tear down the Berlin Wall, one of the most famous symbols of division in modern history, the self-imposed wall between business and IT one of the IT industrys most hotly debated problems ... read more..

Getting What You Need from IT Security (OpinionWire 9 March 2012) - 09 Mar 2012

Iceland to Become a Low-Cost Data Centre DestinationIceland's new and unique multi-tenant data centre will be an attractive low-cost destination for many IT workloads eventually. UK co-location provider Verne Global built the facility on a former Nato base near Keflavik airport, with modular IT infrastructure from Colt Technology. Verne ... read more..

Managing outsourced relationships – driving value from your suppliers (Park Plaza Sherlock Holmes, London) - 22 Feb 2012

21 February 2012, Networking Seminar Discover how to drive value from your outsourcing supplier and what steps you can take to ensure that your contracts are properly managed. Download the presentation slides Cliff Mills, research manager, NCC Henry Brysh, associate consultant UK public sector outsourcing in the ... read more..

NCC Members Question: IT Department Structure - 10 Oct 2011

NCC Members can ask relevant questions of the wider NCC membership, moderated by NCC. We collate the responses, where appropriate anonymise them, then publish the results on the website for the benefit of the wider Membership. Can you help with this question from a housing association? In light of ... read more..

No.2: Cloud Computing - 15 Jul 2011

A collection of recent NCC research, thought leadership articles, presentations, events, webinars and videos, to help those interested in professional development get up to speed with the key management issues around cloud computing.In the pastfew years, the uptake of cloud services has increased significantly. Businesses are recognising that the data ... read more..

Invoice financing and outsourcing services - 14 Jul 2011

Safe Outsourcing, in association with Leumi ABL, presents a series of half-day, free-to-attend seminars for recruiters considering their options in terms of invoice financing and outsourcing services for the back-office processes of payroll, billing and credit control:20 May, Leeds27 May, London17 June, Birmingham8 July, London14 July, ManchesterTo book use the ... read more..

Delivering the Flexible Enterprise - Event Summary - 08 Jul 2011

The Mint Hotel, Manchester, 6 July 2011Pressures remain on IT budgets and will do so for the foreseeable future it is time for organisations to think more strategically about the role and impact of technology to deliver true business transformation with improvements to the bottom line the current steady ... read more..

The future of the IT Department (Silicon - video) - 30 Jun 2011

Management StrategyBigger, smaller or non-existent? How will the IT department look in 2020? At the launch of this year's CI0 50, the UK's top IT chiefs considered whether the IT department will be a very different beast in a decade's time, or even existFollow this link ... read more..

Global outsourcing trends - 13 Jun 2011

outsourcing trends Ravi Pandey, senior vice president of NIIT Technologies UK, looks at the trends and factors that will affect outsourcing in 2011. IT outsourcing is now a mature practice that has gained widespread adoption as organisations look to reduce costs and increase efficiencies. The drive to achieve these goals ... read more..

Outsourcing Definition and Solutions from - 23 May 2011

Management Strategy Everything you need to know about outsourcing, both onshore and offshore, from pricing and contract negotiation to vendor management and ROI. UPDATED.Follow this Link ... read more..

Confidence in the cloud - 02 Mar 2011

cloud computing Cloud computing is arguably one of the hottest topics in computing at the moment. It seems from the evidence of the past few years though that this particular topic is about more than just hype. Sin John, distinguished engineer at Symantec, provides a fresh take on ... read more..

Backsourcing... where did it all go wrong? - 02 Mar 2011

backsourcing As traditional offshore services continue to disappoint and organisations face having to reabsorb their IT development activities, nearshore providers in eastern European countries are stepping in. Not only are the cost arguments as strong or even stronger than traditional outsourcing, but the nearshoring model gives back a level of ... read more..

Data and security issues in the cloud - 01 Mar 2011

cloud computing All businesses who are thinking about embracing the cloud as their core IT service delivery route quite rightly should fully understand the risks as well as the well-documented rewards The main concerns centre around service reliability, accessibility and security of data stored in the cloud. Here, Mark Seemann, ... read more..

HP buys Vertica, joins Big Data party (OpinionWire 25 February 2011) - 25 Feb 2011

HP buys Vertica, joins Big Data party Less than a month after stopping support of its ill-fated NeoView data warehousing range, HP has acquired Vertica Systems to fill the gap for Big Data warehousing and analytics. The deal is expected to close in the second quarter of 2011. This is ... read more..

Outsourcing in uncertain economic times (Ovum Straight Talk, 26 November 2010) - 26 Nov 2010

Regardless of what region you may have found yourself in during the past two weeks, it is doubtful that the economic woes facing Ireland and the Eurozone have escaped your notice. Indeed, it appears clearer by the day that the long-anticipated economic recovery is shaping up to be a whimper ... read more..



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