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New forms of computer threats are emerging at a faster pace than ever before. There can be little doubt that security continues to be a major commercial, as well as a technical, concern. All the major security companies log thousands of new threats, including viruses and worms, every year.

As the number of security threats continues to spiral and the thirst for information from the business and supply chain partners continues to increase, companies are finding themselves caught between a rock and a hard place. The NCC provides valuable insight into the latest threats that will enable you to stay one step ahead.


Britain's wartime codebreaking base could host a national cyber security college - 01 Dec 2016

From CIO Plans are afoot to build the UK's first National College of Cyber Security at Bletchley Park, the birthplace of the country's wartime codebreaking efforts. It was at Bletchley Park that Colossus, the world's first electronic computer, was built during World War II to crack the Lorenz code used ... read more..

IT security shouldn’t be ‘because I told you so’ – consult employees on policy - 01 Dec 2016

From IT security shouldn't be dictated from on high, as trusting and involving employees helps to nurture a greater security culture, an industry panel representing leading banking, media, engineering and security solution firms have agreed. Speaking at Computing's 2016 Enterprise Security and Risk Management Summit, Anton Karpov, CISO at ... read more..

Cloud-driven IT decentralisation increases security risk - 01 Dec 2016

From Dark Reading IT management has become increasingly decentralised in the last three years and businesses are struggling to address it. Many believe tech departments aren't ready to face this trend, which they believe will increase enterprise security risk. These findings come from new cloud research on IT management, commissioned ... read more..

Tesco Bank theft shows need to take cyber security more seriously - 15 Nov 2016

From Cyber theft from 20,000 compromised Tesco Bank current accounts shows traditional approaches to security are not working and that companies are not taking the threat seriously enough, according to experts. Tesco Bank halted online banking after 40,000 current accounts were compromised and half of those were hit by ... read more..

When will enterprise wake up to MacOS security threat? - 15 Nov 2016

From SC Magazine Researchers at AI security vendor Cylance have uncovered a low rent malvertising campaign on Google AdWords that targets high-end MacOS users. Without wishing to get into the 'your Windows machine is a gazillion times less secure than my Mac' nonsense, and whilst admitting that this latest threat ... read more..

Government seeks cyber security heroes with retraining courses open to all - 15 Nov 2016

From The government has announced the launch of a 10-week boot camp training initiative designed to churn out more skilled cyber security experts as part of the newly unveiled National Cyber Security Strategy. The Cyber Retraining Academy course does not require those interested to have any prior cyber expertise, ... read more..

Industry reaction: UK cyber security strategy - 04 Nov 2016

From SC Magazine The UK government has confirmed nearly £2 billion of investment in cyber security as part of its new cyber security strategy. UK Chancellor Philip Hammond, presenting to Microsoft's Future Decoded conference, made a speech in which he set out the government's landmark cyber security strategy for the next ... read more..

Twitter users warned of phishing scam hiding in plain sight as Promoted Tweet - 04 Nov 2016

From Twitter users have been warned of a Promoted Tweet appearing in feeds that offers to help them get their account verified, but is actually a phishing scam hiding in plain sight. The message, which could appear in users' feeds regardless of who they follow, contains a link to ... read more..

ICO prepares for post-Brexit GDPR - 04 Nov 2016

From Information commissioner Elizabeth Denham has welcomed the UK government's confirmation that it will implement the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) despite the outcome of the UK referendum. In a blog post, Denham wrote: 'I see this as good news for the UK. One of the key drivers ... read more..

BAE releases online cyber risk tool assessor - 11 Oct 2016

From SC Magazine A new online cyber risk tool has been produced to allow organisations to assess their cyber security strengths and weaknesses. The tool has been created in response to research from BAE Systems that reveals weaknesses in UK cyber security measures that are putting businesses at risk. It ... read more..

Make executives understand the security risk they pose to the business - 11 Oct 2016

From Top-level executives must be made to understand the risk they pose to their own firms owing to the nature of their position and should drive cyber security awareness across the business, according to Darren Argyle, CISO at market research firm IHS Markit. Argyle said at the Investment Week ... read more..

These ransomware tricks fool the most hardened security pro - 30 Sep 2016

From CIO Ransomware quite often targets businesses (for example hospitals) rather than individuals. Corporations have more valuable data and more money for ransom (ransom increases from roughly $500 per computer to $15,000 for the entire enterprise). Cyphort has examined different variants of ransomware to help users get an idea of ... read more..

Mobile devices are hindering IT departments and costing companies - 30 Sep 2016

From Information Age In the BYOD era mobile devices are becoming an increasing presence in the workplace. Bringing your own device is advantageous in a business sense. Employers and employees can stay constantly connected, and can produce work from anywhere in the world (within reason). The ability to be always ... read more..

69% of office professionals in the UK hoard data - 30 Sep 2016

From SC Magazine Over three-quarters (77%) of IT decision makers worldwide are now more concerned about the impact of data hoarding than they were a year ago. New research from Veritas was conducted among 10,022 global office professionals and ITDMs across 13 countries to look into how individuals manage data. ... read more..

Seagate sued by own staff after phishing scam - 22 Sep 2016

From Staff at Seagate are suing the company after a senior HR executive fell for a phishing scam earlier this year resulting in tax information on thousands of employees being exposed. A class-action lawsuit was filed in July at Northern California District Court accusing Seagate of malpractice and a ... read more..

Google to start naming and shaming non-HTTPS websites - 22 Sep 2016

From Google is to step up its campaign for all websites to adopt HTTPS encryption by marking them down as less secure in research results. The search giant intends to start doing it from January 2017, giving website operators a little over three months to sort themselves out. The ... read more..

RAA ransomware strain evolves to target businesses - 22 Sep 2016

From IT Pro The RAA strain of ransomware has been tweaked to specifically target businesses, according to Kaspersky Lab. The security firm has uncovered a new version of the troublesome JScript ransomware, after it was first spotted in June this year. 'Just like the previous one, the malware is distributed ... read more..

IT security needs to move to ‘people-centric' practices - 22 Sep 2016

From SC Magazine Gartner analyst Dionsio Zumerle spoke at the Gartner Security Risk Management Summit about the state of mobile security, focusing on the idea that IT security needs to move to 'people-centric' security practices when it comes to managing mobile devices in the enterprise. Zumerle said: 'All too ... read more..

UK SMEs have false sense of cyber security - 22 Sep 2016

From Almost three-quarters (74%) of UK small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) think they are safe from cyber attack, despite half of them admitting having suffered a data breach, according to a report by Juniper Research. The research found that 50% of small businesses have suffered a data breach, two-thirds ... read more..

68 million Dropbox credentials leak online - 08 Sep 2016

From IT Pro More than 68 million Dropbox customers' usernames and passwords have been leaked after a four year-old hack, it has emerged. The stolen credentials date back to mid-2012 and Dropbox acknowledged last week that it was forcing some customers to reset their passwords if they have not changed ... read more..

Crest report outlines ways to address cyber security gender gap - 08 Sep 2016

From The gender gap in cyber security is mainly a result of poor marketing and perception of the industry by women, according to a report by security certification body Crest. The report is based on a workshop aimed at addressing diversity in the cyber security industry in February 2016 ... read more..

Gap widens between IT pros and end users while security worsens - 08 Sep 2016

From SC Magazine Over half (52%) of IT practitioners believe that policies against the misuse or unauthorised access to company data are being enforced and followed, yet only 35% of end users say their organisations enforce those policies. A new study from the Ponemon Institute analysed responses from 1,371 end ... read more..

Nearly two-thirds of IT leaders expect a serious data breach - 23 Aug 2016

From Nearly two-thirds of IT leaders expect a serious data breach in the next year, a secure business agility survey of 300 businesses in the UK, France, the Nordics and the Netherlands has revealed. While most organisations believe connecting people to the best technology is vital to business productivity, ... read more..

Why Google plans to stop supporting your Chromebook after five years - 23 Aug 2016

From CIO One of the best things about Chromebooks is that they're built to last. Thanks to automatic security and feature updates from Google, along with a lightweight browser-based operating system, long-time users may find that their laptops run as well, if not better, than they did on day one. ... read more..

Unsecure network file folders are 'biggest vulnerability' - 23 Aug 2016

From SC Magazine In the past year, 38% of organisations have experienced one or more information security breaches. That's according to joint research by M-Files Corporation and The Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM) which teamed up to conduct research that reveals the frequency of information security breaches. The ... read more..

Pokemon Go: is it a BYOD security nightmare? - 03 Aug 2016

From TechRepublic Niantic Labs continues to improve on the security of Pokemon Go, but that doesn't mean the risks are gone. Server hacks, permissions being secretly granted and malware-infested clone apps are all out there. BYOD offices need to be prepared for all potential risks. Let's make one thing clear: ... read more..

Ransomware fightback begins as Intel, Kaspersky and Europol launch decryption key portal - 03 Aug 2016

From Efforts to tackle the scourge of ransomware have been boosted by a new initiative designed to educate people about the threat and offer keys that can unlock devices without having to pay the fraudsters. The No More Ransom portal has been created by Intel Security, Kaspersky Lab, Europol ... read more..

Get ready for an Internet of Things disaster, warns security guru Bruce Schneier - 03 Aug 2016

From Security guru Bruce Schneier, the author of multiple encryption algorithms, founder of security company Counterpane and former chief technology officer of BT Managed Security Solutions, has warned that the 'craze' for connecting devices to the internet with little thought about security will result in a major disaster. Schneier ... read more..

Nine out of 10 UK orgs don't encrypt over 75% of data in the cloud - 03 Aug 2016

From SC Magazine Companies are not adopting appropriate governance and security measures to protect sensitive data in the cloud according to a Ponemon Institute report The 2016 Global Cloud Data Security Study, commissioned by Gemalto. More than 3,400 IT and IT security practitioners were surveyed from the UK, US, Brazil, ... read more..

Ransomware 2.0 is around the corner and it's a massive threat to the enterprise - 28 Jul 2016

From TechRepublic Despite the efforts made to improve cyber security at many organisations, there are too many systems with aging infrastructure and vulnerabilities that leave companies at risk, with ransomware one of the most sinister threats, according to a new Cisco report. Ransomware is a top concern because it's become ... read more..



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