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Twitter users warned of phishing scam hiding in plain sight as Promoted Tweet - 04 Nov 2016

From Twitter users have been warned of a Promoted Tweet appearing in feeds that offers to help them get their account verified, but is actually a phishing scam hiding in plain sight. The message, which could appear in users' feeds regardless of who they follow, contains a link to ... read more..

Microsoft's new service is like YouTube for the enterprise - 21 Jul 2016

From CIO It's called Stream and it's supposed to let people easily work together with one another on videos, and then share that content both inside and outside their company. In the realm of consumer web services, video is ascending. Facebook has been emphasising video posts on its popular social ... read more..

Firms at risk from staff accepting random LinkedIn connection requests - 23 Jun 2016

From UK staff are putting their companies at risk of phishing attacks because they are too willing to accept friend requests from random people on LinkedIn. A survey of 2,000 workers by Intel Security found that around 24% admitted to accepting requests from people they don't know, opening company ... read more..

Microsoft buys LinkedIn - 15 Jun 2016

From IT Pro In a shock move, Microsoft has announced that it will purchase business social network LinkedIn in an all-cash deal valued at $26.2 billion. The acquisition is expected to be completed by the end of the 2016 calendar year. Following the conclusion of the deal, LinkedIn's financial results ... read more..

Hacker selling 167 million LinkedIn user details - 25 May 2016

From A hacker is selling details of 167 million LinkedIn users as fallout from the hack of its site in 2012 continues to blight the company. Only 6.5 million accounts were thought to be affected at the time, but the situation has got a lot worse after the hacked ... read more..

Twitter to stop counting photos and links in 140-character limit - 18 May 2016

From Bloomberg Technology Twitter Inc is making a major shift in how it counts characters in Tweets, giving users more freedom to compose longer messages. The social media company will soon stop counting photos and links as part of its 140-character limit for messages, according to a person familiar with ... read more..

Inventor of email, Ray Tomlinson, dies aged 74 - 09 Mar 2016

From IT Pro Ray Tomlinson, widely considered to be the creator of email as we know it today, has died of a suspected heart attack aged 74. Tomlinson was one of the pioneers of ARPANET, the predecessor of the internet created by DARPA, where he set up the first email ... read more..

'Experts' at cyber security conference willingly gave away their Twitter passwords - 26 Jan 2016

From The Telegraph If any website asks for your Twitter, Facebook or email password, you probably shouldn't give it out, as even a casual internet user should know. But dozens of attendees to this year's RSA Conference an annual security jamboree for researchers and IT workers did just ... read more..

Loose talk on social media big security risk for firms, says Kaspersky - 13 Jan 2016

From SC Magazine Employees are risking their organisations' IT security and their own personal data by sharing too much information on social media. According to a quiz from Kaspersky Lab, almost a third (30%) of social network users share their posts, check-ins and other personal info with everybody who is ... read more..

Twitter's 10,000-character limit bump makes business sense - 13 Jan 2016

From InformationWeek Twitter is reportedly preparing to raise the number of characters allowed in a tweet from 140 to 10,000. But the company may be planning more of an interface change than a text field expansion. According to Re/code, Twitter intends to launch its extended tweet format during the first ... read more..

Here's why Facebook at Work will garner corporate interest as it nears starting line - 15 Dec 2015

From ZDNet Facebook at Work, the enterprise version of the social network, will reportedly launch in a few months and the big question will revolve around whether companies will adopt the service. Depending on pricing, the corporate answer to Facebook at Work may revolve around 'why not?'. According to Reuters, ... read more..

Facebook at Work: does RBS' 100,000-seat deployment mean you should try it? - 28 Oct 2015

From TechRepublic Royal Bank of Scotland will be rolling out Facebook at Work, the enterprise version of Facebook, to all 100,000 of its employees by the end of 2016. It's a big win for enterprise social networks, but it's a crowded space and Facebook will have some particular challenges in ... read more..

Fake LinkedIn profiles lure unsuspecting users - 15 Oct 2015

From InfoWorld No doubt you've received a LinkedIn invitation from someone you don't know or you're not sure you know. Next time, you might want to think a little harder before accepting.Researchers from Dell SecureWorks Counter Threat Unit have identified a network of at least 25 well-developed LinkedIn profiles ... read more..

New social network aims to find news tech pros really care about - 22 Sep 2015

From CIO When Sandy MacPherson, a former climate change scientist, launched Quibb in 2013, she set out to build a destination where an exclusive community of tech professionals could share and discuss industry-related content. 'I saw how tech professionals were using Twitter as a social RSS where they'd look to ... read more..

Implement an internal social media channel: add this to your IT to-do list today - 05 Mar 2015

From TechRepublic For the past several years, corporate managers have experimented with social media engagement that enables employees and customers to participate; they have also endured the misfirings and blunders that inevitably occurred. Accordingly, companies have been busy revising how they engage their customers in social media and also which employees ... read more..

Why IT should be sceptical of 'Facebook at Work' - 26 Jan 2015

From CIO When Facebook burst onto the scene nearly 11 years ago, it was battling for a position in the new internet medium called social networking. All it had to do was beat MySpace and a few other lesser-knowns at their own games, and it did so quickly and effectively. With Facebook ... read more..

LinkedIn site makeover - 15 Dec 2014

From InformationWeek LinkedIn wants you to spend more time on its site, and it hopes that a redesign of its home page and profile sections will inspire you to do just that. The social network unveiled the new looks last week, which focus on simplicity, usability and content. These updates will roll ... read more..

IBM's new enterprise email aims to organise your day - 25 Nov 2014

From Computerworld UK IBM is going up against cloud-apps powerhouses Google and Microsoft with its next generation email client, called Verse, designed to enrich email with social media and analysis. 'We felt we could leverage analytics to build an experience that understands your priorities,' said Jeff Schick, IBM general manager of IBM ... read more..

Facebook at Work to offer enterprise version for business networking - 17 Nov 2014

From Facebook is reportedly working on an office or enterprise version of the social network to bring the freedom of chat and communication to the workplace without the consumer themes and overtones. Sources close to the plans told the Financial Times (paywalled) that Facebook at Work will look and act like ... read more..

Google and Facebook offer free cyber security tools - 10 Nov 2014

From SC Magazine Google and Facebook have both launched free open source cyber security tools, designed to help security professionals spot malware and cyber attacks. Google's RAPPOR tool which cyber experts describe as an 'important innovation' with 'great potential' aims to help security professionals gather statistics about bugs and malware, ... read more..

LinkedIn users warned of new phishing scam - 22 Jul 2014

From LinkedIn users have been warned about a new phishing scam designed to persuade them to hand over their login details. An email purporting to be from the business social network tells the user that their account has been blocked due to inactivity. Recipients are told to click on a link ... read more..

Many employees won't mingle with enterprise social software - 07 Jul 2014

From Computerworld UK In a great IT industry irony, enterprise social networking (ESN) software, designed to boost interaction and collaboration, is often ignored by users and ends up forgotten like the proverbial ghost town with rolling tumbleweeds. The promise of a successful ESN deployment is appealing to businesses: implement a Facebook and ... read more..

Nominet opens .uk web domains up for business - 11 Jun 2014

From Web registrar Nominet has launched the .uk generic top-level domain (gTLD), claiming the shorter URL option will offer businesses a variety of benefits. Nominet chief operating officer Eleanor Bradley told V3 the company expects the .uk domains to help businesses of all sizes boost their digital presence in the UK ... read more..

Lack of social media archiving creates legal minefield - 24 Mar 2014

From Through social media, businesses are creating vast amounts of uncontrolled content and risk legal action because of inadequate archiving and e-discovery systems. Research from Osterman Research, commissioned by email and archiving managed service provider Bluesource, showed that only 6% of UK organisations archive social media content. According to Forrester Research, most ... read more..

Facebook, Twitter and Google users have 2 million passwords stolen - 09 Dec 2013

From IT Pro A botnet server containing 2 million passwords for Facebook, Yahoo, Google, Twitter and LinkedIn has been uncovered by the research team at Trustwave SpiderLabs. The account credentials were reportedly stolen using the Pony Botnet Controller, which has been used in the past to steal passwords for websites, email accounts ... read more..

Monitoring IT chiefs online is commonplace for sales deals - 25 Nov 2013

From Monitoring IT leaders on social media channels to find out what makes them tick is often key to securing sales, according to Carlos Zamora, vice president of BT Conferencing in North America. Zamora explained that the practice was widely used and accepted as part of the modern way in which ... read more..

Wordpress data leakage risk flagged by security researcher - 22 Jul 2013

From IT Pro Researchers have highlighted a flaw in the Wordpress content management system that could put millions of users at risk of data leakage. According to a report by security firm Whitehat, the blogging platform may not completely protect media files uploaded to sites in the same way it safeguards text, ... read more..

10 IT leaders to follow on Twitter - 22 Jul 2013

From InformationWeek A commonly cited benefit of using Twitter is being able to network with and learn from other people, particularly other professionals and leaders in your field. Whereas some social sites require another person's approval to connect, you can follow just about anyone on Twitter without their active permission. (The ... read more..

Digital leadership: do CIOs have it in them? - 01 Jul 2013

From Information Age All of a sudden, businesses are seeking 'digital innovation'; CIOs are being asked to draft 'digital strategies'; the IT skills gap has morphed into a 'digital skills crisis'; and everyone is looking for 'digital leadership'. There is, of course, no concrete meaning of 'digital', as it is used in ... read more..

eBay study highlights big problem for search advertising - 18 Mar 2013

From A study by online auction firm eBay has revealed that paying for keywords to boost rankings by search engines has little effect on sales. This was the conclusion of a study that analysed the effect on sales of removing sponsored keywords from some search engines such as MSN and Yahoo, ... read more..



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